What Really Happened to Susan in “Tupac Shakur and the End of the World”

To check out the original story, you can find it here! However, if you want to know what really happened to Susan, continue reading below.

As Jack gets out of the car to yell out for help, Susan begins to feel her entire body slowly start to become paralyzed even more. She is unable to call out for help. Soon, her organs will freeze like the rest of her body.

Jack gets back in the car and begins to freak out. He is trying to to think of anything and everything he can do to save Susan’s life.

He tells her, “Susan, if you’re still in there somewhere, stick with me. I can’t go through the rest of this world without you!”

He gets back out of the car and tries to cry for more help. All he gets in return is complete silence. He begins to look for anything that could possibly end this madness. He looks for a lever or something that can reverse everything that has happened in the world. Soon enough, he sees what looks like an old water bottle that is about to fall down into the street drain. Jack figured this bottle had at least one drop of water left in it. He picked it up and unscrewed the cap as fast as he could and ran back to the car where Susan was trying to hold onto life.

Jack yanked the car door open and brought the water bottle to Susan’s lips and tried to pour any possible water into her mouth. Would this delay any effects of “The Creep”? Hopefully. Two droplets of water fall into Susan’s mouth. Jack feels as though he is about to cry. His plan hadn’t worked.

After about a minute or two, which in reality felt like a lifetime, Susan’s lungs filled with air. She regained some movement in her neck and face. She moved her lips together and was able to find her voice.

Slowly and gravelly, Susan spoke, “Jack, you saved my life…”

Jack grew a huge smile on his face, and grabbed Susan in a bear-hug!

Susan regained movement and strength back in her entire body. Who knew just two drops of water could reverse such a horrible pandemic.

In that moment, Susan and Jack felt as though they were the only ones left in the world. Maybe they were! Who knew?

Soon enough, Jack and Susan got back in the car and continued to drive as long as they could. Before leaving the visitor’s center, Susan turned around in her seat and smiled as she looked at the statue of Tupac, until it was obscured by trees and other abandoned cars.  Tupac Shakur’s statue would be the last thing Susan saw that was a major part of her life before the apocalypse ever was a thought in anyone’s minds.

After quite a bit of silence between Jack and Susan on their road trip to who-knows-where, Susan quietly said “Thank you.” Those were the last two words shared between the two for quite a while.

2 thoughts on “What Really Happened to Susan in “Tupac Shakur and the End of the World”

  1. I liked your alternate ending to the Tupac Story. I had read the same short story and definitely thought it was a good read. I like how only water two drops at that were all that it took to reverse the “Creep” who would of thunk it. I like your use of painting the picture of how they were traveling down the road and Susan was leaving a part of her past behind her, the Tupac statue. I think it paints the picture of her turning over a new leaf, closing a chapter in her life, and starting a new chapter. Overall I think you did a really good job, you went a different way than I did, and I think you nailed it!!!!

    1. Thank you so much!!! You are too kind! I’m about to go read yours too! I didn’t want it to seem to much like a fairytale happy ending, but I was battling myself if I wanted to kill Susan and Jack off or keep just one or keep both! Thanks so much!

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