The Apocalypse as Told by the Alphabet

I couldn’t seem to write a comprehendible story while only using each letter of the alphabet to begin each word. This is what I did instead!

Apocalyptic creatures such as aliens and zombies have taken over.

By the end of the night, there will be nowhere safe to hide.

Causes of the apocalypse range from zombie invasions to creations of black holes.

Deaths and injuries make up much more of the population than those who are safe and alive.

Earth is losing its form all together.

Fires have destroyed homes, roads, buildings, and everything in its path.

Guesses have been made that there will be at least 1.5 million people who have died by morning.

Houses look like ghost towns that haven’t been touched in thousands of years.

Independence is the only thing people can count on.

Jokes aside, this is all extremely awful.

Killers are being made out of everyone.

Life-savers include knives, flares, and water.

Mothers cling to their children.

No one is in this alone.

One man refuses to leave the house he built with his two hands.

Piles of treasures such as jewelry, children’s toys, and much more can be found everywhere.

Questions of how this all happened remain unanswered.

Radioactive traps are everywhere and can never be spotted until it’s too late.

Sirens are a constant sound.

Trust is something very hard to come by.

Under all of this rubble is still a world, but not like the one that used to exist.

Vile is a perfect word to describe the zombies and aliens.

Would you survive if this was where you were?

XI, 14, is written on almost all of the remaining walls in the world, why?

Yesterday was just a normal day.

Zero hope remains.

2 thoughts on “The Apocalypse as Told by the Alphabet

  1. I love this! I always wonder how people are able to coordinate the first letter of each line and make it flow at the same time (especially the X). I also need to mention that I love the setup of your website, particularly the color scheme and background image.

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