Secret Messages in the Apocalypse

In the apocalypse, we have to communicate in code. It’s too dangerous to say everything we need to over the phone or text or anything like that because the government can see it and it will not end well by any means. That’s why I want to share two messages I have created in order to communicate with my family and friends.

Can you see the message?

How about now?

It says “ybdjkf39” What does this mean exactly? Well, it means, “THE END IS HERE!”

Another message:

Can you see the message in this one?

How about now?

It says “plom56” What does this one mean, you ask? It means “SAVE YOURSELVES!”

I continue to communicate in these letters and symbols. It’s currently the only safe way to communicate when you’re not talking to someone face-to-face. If you are currently surviving through the apocalypse, I strongly recommend this safe form of communication.


For this visual assignment, I was tasked with figuring out a way to communicate with typography, which is basically a code of numbers, letters, and symbols that can decode a message. I chose to take pictures that I think represented the apocalypse in some way or another, and put them into a typography tool that I found that took the image and covered it with these numbers, symbols, and letters. These are the original images from above:

I then decided to combine random letters and numbers together. I then made up messages that looked like warnings that I could send out to my family and friends as if it was a futuristic, much more complicated text message.

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