NEW EVIDENCE: A Path of Keys

I walked out of my dorm this morning, and I walked over something hard, but it didn’t break from my weight so I knew it wasn’t a stick. I looked down, and saw a path of keys left in an almost perfect straight line. I was afraid to pick them up, so I left them. They were everywhere. They were every few inches on the ground on the grass, Campus Walk, College Avenue, etc. They must mean something! But what? And what do all these keys go to? A UFO for each one of us? A key to the world? What exactly? Anyone want to help me analyze these more? I’m starting to get worried…

Here’s a picture so you guys can look out for them, too! Let me know if you find or know anything! You can call me or text me at (555)-555-9834.

2 thoughts on “NEW EVIDENCE: A Path of Keys

  1. My guess is that the individuals from Reclaim Hosting were scouring UMW campus for individuals to potentially infect and in the process of moving across campus covertly they had dropped these keys. Keys for what I am as unsure as you are but if you can locate the individual(s) who dropped them we as a class can shake them down to try and get some answers.

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