It’s A DesignBlitz!

One of my assignments for this week to create a DesignBlitz! Very similar to my PhotoBlitz from a few weeks ago, this week I was to take pictures of five different objects that illustrated five different design aspects! Check out my results below:

The first picture (the top left) is of my bookcase in my dorm room. In my opinion, this image depicts the aspect of hierarchy because the books are in order of tallest to shortest, and on the far left of the shelf is my journal which holds many secrets and emotions! The second picture (the top middle) is a picture of another shelf on my bookcase that holds a handful of picture frames of my family. They are all displayed tightly because there is not much room for them to be separated. In this case, the picture depicts the aspect of proximity. The third photo (the top right) is a picture taken this past summer when my family and I went to the Chihuly Museum in Seattle, Washington. This was one of the glass pieces that was displayed in the ceiling as you walked through one of the hallways. This image definitely depicts the design aspect of color! The fourth image (the bottom left) is a picture of the window in my closet. It is very symmetrical, therefore depicting the design aspect of alignment. The last picture (the bottom right) is a picture of the wall next to my desk in my dorm. I have my little UMW flag and a painted “E” that my sister gave me for Christmas. This picture depicts the design aspect of space!

This was a lot of fun! At first, I was very nervous about completing this assignment. I wasn’t sure if I would understand how to do it, and I was afraid of being able to find examples of the elements. However, then I realized that literally so many examples of these elements are around me all the time, I just had to look at them!

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