Goodbye to the World She Knew

Millie had to say goodbye to her world as she knew it when this picture was taken. News reports had warned everyone of an event that was very apocalyptic-seeming. The last thing that Millie’s parents wanted was to put their and their daughter’s lives in danger. Around 7:00 this morning, Millie and her parents packed everything they could into their car. Food, water, clothes, blankets, flashlights, batteries, water, and anything else that they treasured.

Millie’s dad drove in the beginning. There was no final destination. There was one goal: get as far away from home as possible. Millie and her parents swept tears from their eyes as they drove away from their home that they loved and grew up in. They realized this may be the last time they see any of this. Millie only stared out the window in the backseat trying to wake up from this day that felt more like a nightmare than real life. Unfortunately, this was no bad dream. It was reality.

The news reporters had said that this ‘apocalypse’ that was supposed to occur would involve an eruption from a volcano that has been dormant for the past 100 years. This volcanic eruption would then lead to a massively destructive tsunami that would wipe everything out in its path. Who knew how accurate these reports were? Was it something that could happen? Was this another event like December 21, 2012 when everyone assumed the world would end because that’s what was predicted on the Mayan calendar.

Millie sat and contemplated everything she had ever heard about this type of thing. She had studied volcanoes and natural disasters in her elementary school science classes. Did she ever think this would happen to her? Absolutely not. She laughed to herself when she thought about the running joke everyone knows in which when you were in grade school you didn’t learn how to pay taxes or how to find a career, but you did learn that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.


At least there was something that could cheer her up. She went and checked all of her social media feeds. Who cares if the apocalypse is coming, she still needs to know what is happening on Twitter!

Millie decided to document at least one last piece of her world before it became just a pile of ash. She rolled down the car window and began to film a short video of she and her family driving down the road. It would become something she could watch over and over again if she needed/wanted to.

She turned her phone off and before rolling the window up, she blew a kiss that she held out the window as if to say “I love you. Please be here for me to come back to.” She closed the window, and fell to sleep as to wait for what would come from all of this.

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  1. Which Writing Assignment prompt was this for? I couldn’t figure it out. . .Also tags for Assignment Bank posts shouldn’t have any spaces in order to show up on the assignment prompt page (WritingAssignments and WritingAssignments1763).

    1. This was for the assignment called “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words” and I’ll make sure to go fix the spaces right now! Thanks!

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