Another Apocalyptic Haiku

One of my assignments this week was to remix/redo/update a project that I have already completed during this semester. I decided that I would redo the three-star assignment “Haiku it up” from the writing assignment bank.

The original was posted on February 3rd, and it is now March 25th! The first time around, this was what I created:

Photo by Jaak Horn on Unsplash

Our world was gorgeous.

 The apocalypse took it away.

 Now we wear gas masks.

Now for the updated/remixed version!

Photo by Satwik Arora on Unsplash

The road is empty.

Once in a while I see you.

Someday this will end.


For this assignment, I redid an assignment I found in the DS106 Assignment Bank back in February. I really enjoyed this assignment the first time, and when I saw that one of our assignments for this week was to remix/redo one of our past assignments, I knew I wanted to write another haiku, with a different picture. Both times, I used to create my haikus because it really helped me keep track of the syllables I had in each line. It was so useful! I found these images from I loved the colors and I thought they were so perfect to illustrate the apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic world.

4 thoughts on “Another Apocalyptic Haiku

  1. Big difference in the approach to the apocalypse… perhaps the radio shows have gotten you in the upbeat spirits?! I like both haikus for different reasons, the first is dreary and real while the second is dedicated and heartfelt. Nice.

  2. I really liked your first submission for this assignment, and I think I like this one eve more. What I like about the second one is that it could be about so many different things (not just the apocalypse) but it also fits with the theme of the class. Nice work.

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