Video Week 2.0

We have reached the end of our video unit. Ladies and gentlemen please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle until we have finished this blog post. Thank you.

First things first, I completed two Daily Creates this week!

On Thursday, as a class, we wrote a story all together in which we could only respond with GIFs. We started as “Once upon a time, this star was moving through the sky  at quite a pace and smaller stars fell from its wake…” And once I was ready to respond, we were talking about Kanye West. Then it went on to talking about Kim Kardashian crying. Let’s just say it took a turn! You can read the full story by clicking on the Tweet below! You don’t want to miss this one! Kanye will know if you keep scrolling!

Then! On Saturday, I made my own “Escape the Apocalypse” playlist on Spotify. Honestly, I find some of my song choices to be quite hilarious. For example, I can imagine myself driving/flying/walking/running away from everything in slow-mo while listening to “We Are The Champions” by Queen.

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Next, I watched another apocalyptic movie! This week, I watched The Day the Earth Stood Still from 1951. I enjoyed it very, very much! It’s all about a ‘man,’ Klaatu, who comes to Earth with his robot friend Gort to bring a special message! I wrote a reflection post about it, as well! After watching, I created a video in which I compiled clips of different aliens, futuristic people, etc. Check it out!

Next, I sat down and had a Q&A session with Dr. Vanessa Locke! She asked me some questions about the apocalypse and what I have experienced. She needs to know these things!

As a video assignment from the video assignment bank, I chose to complete a 3-star assignment in which I highlighted my favorite person. Without even having to blink, I chose to talk about my mom. If you want to see more, you can read this blog post!

As my last assignment bank assignment for this video week, I created a notecard story! We’ve all seen the videos in which people tell sad, personal stories while lifting up different flashcards with their stories on it. I wanted to make one, and I wanted mine to be funny! All I have to say is that sometimes, my dreams are so realistic.

Also this week, I was able to create my own assignments to add to the Daily Create collection as well as another assignment to add to the video assignment bank. I somehow managed to forget to take a screenshot of my Daily Create, but I made it so that people would have to put a SnapChat filter over a clip of their favorite movie or TV show. My favorite videos of this are from Friends, the TV show. If you’ve never seen one before, watch this one below! (I did not personally make this video.)

For the assignment bank video assignment that I created, I asked for people to create book trailers for their favorite books or even for a book that they personally want to write!

We have now reached the end of this weekly update. Feel free to get up and move around the site!

😉 Until next time!


You hear on the radio that the End has started. What do you do first?

I hear the End has started. Immediately, I make sure that I, in fact, am not dreaming. Next, I grab my bag that I prepared years ago just in case. Then, I try to go anywhere safe that I can all while calling my relatives and friends to tell them where I’m going and that they need to stay safe as well. I just keep running away from whatever it is that has caused the End.


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