Listen One, Listen All: We’re Going to be on the Air

My group and I met Wednesday night to record and edit our radio show, “Girls’ Guide to the Apocalypse,” which will be airing on DS106 Radio next week! Keep your ears open for it!

We met in the vocal booth in the HCC to record all of our segments, bumpers, and more! After overcoming a few issues with the microphone and computer not wanting to pair up and function properly, each one of us (Rachel, Taylor, Morgan, Emily, and I) recored our different segments of our radio show. I went first, and I have to admit, I felt kind of silly recording my voice and my segment. We all acted as our characters in our segments. Instead of Rachel, Taylor, Morgan, Emily, and Elizabeth, we were Offred, Felicity, Jennifer, Bobbi Jane, and Annalise.

One thing that worked so well was the fact that we all worked together, and before any of us did anything, we did our best to share our ideas and scripts with one another so no one went in completely blind as to what someone was going to be doing/saying. First, I recorded my segment where I shared some health advice on how to stay healthy and safe during the apocalypse due to the fact that my character is a doctor. Then, Taylor and Rachel recorded their segment as Felicity and Offred, our group’s midwives! Their segment followed the form of an advice column. I won’t give their secrets away, so you’ll just have to listen to our show to find out what they said! Last, but definitely not least, Morgan and Emily recorded their segment as Jennifer and Bobbi Jane. Their segment was all about the different beauty hacks you can use during the apocalypse. I’m also not going to reveal anything about their segment because I don’t want to spoil anything!

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After all of the segments had been recorded, Emily recorded our introduction to the overall radio show. Then, two “commercials”/bumpers were created by Taylor and me. Our next bumper will be a song to make our show sound more like a radio show rather than a podcast.

Once everything was recorded, Morgan and Rachel worked together to work on music and sound effects for our overall show. We’re so grateful for them! Then, Rachel took on the huge task of editing everything together! She has had the most experience with this sort of thing, and she didn’t mind doing it!

Our show is almost completely finished, edited, and ready to play on the DS106 Radio. I absolutely have loved working with the girls in my group. We work so well together. Everyone takes control of each situation, and we are able to get our work done. The first night we met, we had already come up with our topic, what we would be saying, the name of our radio, and more! After only the second meeting, our radio show is completely recorded and almost completely edited! Rachel let us know as of right now, our show is about 19 minutes!

Get ready to learn about some hacks and useful tips to use for the apocalypse. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Don’t forget to tell us what you think!

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