A Recap of Week 9 of The End

It has been a great week!

Week 9 began with with my group’s radio show, Girls’ Guide to/for/through the Apocalypse. It aired on DS106 Radio on Tuesday night. It was so much fun getting to hear our show on the air. We all worked so hard on it, and it was so exciting to know that anyone could hear something we put so much work into. I was also able to live-tweet our show, so make sure to check out my Twitter or this recent blog post to see my Tweets! I also loved getting to work with my group, and I hope we get to work together again in the future!

Also this week, I completed three Daily Creates! You can find them below:

On Wednesday, the 21st, I completed the Daily Create in which I created a daily check-list for my character, Dr. Annalise Huddleston. I figured that this covered all the tasks that a doctor should do during the apocalypse. What did I leave out?

On Thursday, the 22nd, I completed the Daily Create in which I renamed an animal with a more descriptive and accurate name. I figured that a good name for a dolphin would be “friendly shark.” Think about it. When you’re in the ocean, sometimes it’s difficult to know for sure if the fin sticking out of the water belongs to a dolphin or a shark. Check out this webpage where you can find even more funny/accurate names for your favorite animals! Some of my favorites are the “Tyrannosaurus Deer” A.K.A the kangaroo, the “Cat Bird” A.K.A the owl, the “Sea Flap-Flap” A.K.A the stingray, and the “Formal Chicken” A.K.A the penguin. Share some other examples in the comments! They never fail to make me laugh.

The last Daily Create that I completed this week was on Friday, the 23rd. As a person who has grown up with both cats and dogs, and watched hundreds of hilarious videos of dogs and cats, I had a difficult time deciding which is the best. I had to settle for both. Cats can do things that dogs can’t, and dogs can do things that cats can’t. Across my lifetime, I have had three cats and two dogs. The dog on the right in the picture below is my dog, Molly, who recently passed away, and someone who I knew since I was seven-years-old. The dog on the left is Lily. She came into my life when I was fourteen. She’s very sweet, and loved her best friend, Molly. I love all animals, though. If you put a skunk in front of me, I would still say that it’s cute! No shame!

I interrupt your regularly scheduled content for a moment because I don’t want to be done talking about cats and dogs, so here are some of my favorite GIFs of them.

Source: Giphy
Source: Giphy
Source: Giphy

And now back to your regular scheduled content…

Another assignment from this week was to “remix” an assignment that I have already completed this semester. I chose to recreate the haiku I wrote back in February. To see my reflection of this assignment, you can find it in this recent blog post!

The first version:

Photo by Jaak Horn on Unsplash

Our world was gorgeous.

 The apocalypse took it away.

 Now we wear gas masks.

The remixed version:

Photo by Satwik Arora on Unsplash

The road is empty.

Once in a while I see you.

Someday this will end.

The last main thing I did this week was step up my commenting game. I definitely tried to comment on many more of my classmates’ blog posts. I will continue to do so in the future, as well! If I left you a comment, great job! If I didn’t give you a comment, I’ll make sure to do so before the semester is over!

This week has been quite fun! Not only did I have these assignments for DS106, but it was also Junior Week here at UMW! I attended Junior Formal on Friday night with my best friends, and then on Saturday, I received my class ring! I wish I could go back and do it all over again, however I don’t think I would change a thing! One thing that I took away from the ceremony and speeches was the line that it’s okay to be uncomfortable. You might be uncomfortable, but you aren’t paralyzed. I love that so much, and will be taking that along with me through the rest of my life!

Also, we’re just SIX weeks away from summer vacation!! Let’s do this!

One quick comment, too! Happy Easter!


What’s one thing you definitely couldn’t live without during the apocalpyse? How would you go about obtaining it?

I would have to say that I definitely couldn’t live without my family. I would make sure that I could stay as a unit in the apocalypse. The four of us could get much more done than just one of us. I like to be alone when I want to be and when I’m comfortable. However, in the apocalypse, I know I will not want to be alone if I can avoid it. If I wasn’t able to get to my family before the apocalypse, I would try to use my phone as much as I could to find out where they are so I could find them before it’s too late.






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  1. Elizabeth, I wish that I had been able to listen to your radio show. I love how detailed this post is and how many GIFs you included, they are always fun. 🙂 I loved your daily create where you called the dolphin a friendly shark, because it is so true! Dolphins are much more friendly than sharks and I have always loved dolphins, so when I saw your tweet I was like “she is so right!” I also could not live without my family in the apocalypse, I think I would be lost without them.

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