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Frida’s Apocalypse Bucket List

Frida’s Apocalypse Bucket List

  1. Figure every last thing out about Micah and the Group
  2. Figure out why the Millers committed suicide
  3. Live long enough to watch baby grow up
  4. Find our old house/neighborhood after this is over
  5. Eat pizza at least one more time

Frida’s bucket list was found today inside her journal, and I felt like the bucket list was very important to share. She and Micah, as a brother and sister duo have many secrets between the two of them. Yes, Micah is dead, but is he really? Frida wants to know everything about him and the Group before it’s too late. Sandy and Frida were friends, and she nor Cal can understand why they committed suicide. Yes, it is the apocalypse, but they were still a family and were doing pretty okay at surviving! Next, what mother doesn’t want to watch their baby grow up. She must live long enough in order to do so. After the apocalypse, she wants to find their old house, or at least the remnants of it. Maybe some things will still be there? Probably not. Lastly, pizza is delicious, and everyone deserves to have it at least one more time in their lifetime.

The Backstory on August

The Backstory on August

August, A.K.A. Frida and Cal’s ‘trading partner,’ has even more to his story than we could have ever imagined. He has always been someone who listens to other peoples’ problems before he explains his own story.

August grew up in a family in which everyone did everything for themselves. He basically taught himself everything he knows. His father and grandfather were always away working while his mother was busy taking care of his other siblings. He was the quiet kid in school who people picked on because he was “too smart for his own good” and he would spend time alone outside during recess at school trying to figure out different math equations and other algorithms.

As he grew up, he continued to teach himself basic skills such as how to start a fire, how to cook, how to have manners, and how to protect himself.

When the apocalypse began, a large military truck came rumbling down his street in which as many people that could fit were riding along trying to escape this monster. His parents, siblings, grandparents, and he all boarded this truck, which was more like a ship on wheels. He was separated from his family on that day. He realized that he needed to put all his survival skills to good use. He was going to get through this and he would see his family again at some point.

Everyone was crammed in the truck for hours. Finally, after about four hours, the truck came to a hard stop. August looked out, and they were in the middle of nowhere. There were no houses, buildings, cars, restaurants, etc. around. Did he die and go to heaven and this is what it looked like? Nope. Many people piled out of the truck and were told to get as far away as they could. However, as the doors of the truck closed, August realized his family were still in the truck. They would be taken to another location in which they would have to survive. August tried to see as far as he could as to see what direction the truck was driving so that he could possibly be reunited in the future.

August travelled into the dense forest while trying to find supplies around him in order to build a fort and fire for the night. Before night hit, he had built a lean-to type of hut to keep him safe for the night. He opened up his backpack in which he had a few blankets, food, water, changes of clothes, and soap. He pulled a blanket out and settled down by the fire, and just stared ahead.

As time went on, August figured that his family must’ve died because he hadn’t seen anyone in quite a long time. However, he had built a wagon/cart thing from abandoned car parts and wood from trees in which he carried different items such as soap, food, etc. that he could trade to other survivors for other valuable items.

After figuring out that he had created a very profitable “business,” he met two people who really stood out to him. Their names were Cal and Frida.


As my apocalyptic novel, I read the book California by Edan Lepucki. One of the “background” (but also important) characters in the novel is August. He becomes ‘friends’ with Frida as he also helps them out by providing them with different items such as food, clothing, soap, etc.

I was intrigued by this character, and I knew I wanted to write a backstory for him for this assignment. Even the information that we were given about him, I just erased it from my memory and started over completely.

Another Apocalyptic Haiku

Another Apocalyptic Haiku

One of my assignments this week was to remix/redo/update a project that I have already completed during this semester. I decided that I would redo the three-star assignment “Haiku it up” from the writing assignment bank.

The original was posted on February 3rd, and it is now March 25th! The first time around, this was what I created:

Photo by Jaak Horn on Unsplash

Our world was gorgeous.

 The apocalypse took it away.

 Now we wear gas masks.

Now for the updated/remixed version!

Photo by Satwik Arora on Unsplash

The road is empty.

Once in a while I see you.

Someday this will end.


For this assignment, I redid an assignment I found in the DS106 Assignment Bank back in February. I really enjoyed this assignment the first time, and when I saw that one of our assignments for this week was to remix/redo one of our past assignments, I knew I wanted to write another haiku, with a different picture. Both times, I used WriteAHaiku.com to create my haikus because it really helped me keep track of the syllables I had in each line. It was so useful! I found these images from Unsplash.com. I loved the colors and I thought they were so perfect to illustrate the apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic world.

Introducing… Dr. Annalise Huddleston

Introducing… Dr. Annalise Huddleston

Annalise Huddleston was born on June 11th, 1988 in Seattle, Washington. She grew up with two older brothers and one younger sister. Her mom and dad always had their hands full, that’s for sure. She loved dolls and all the toys you would think all little girls love. She had plenty of toys, but she could never hold back the urge to ask her mom for a new Barbie when they went to the store.

One day, she was watching TV, and one of her favorite shows was on, Sesame Street, and one of the many characters was pretending to be a doctor. She loved watching how the character pretended to take the other character’s temperature, reflexes, and more. The next time she went to the toy store with her mom, she asked for a toy doctor’s bag. She finally found one, and inside were plastic doctor instruments such as a stethoscope, thermometer, reflex hammer, and syringe. For the next few months, Annalise would play doctor with her dolls, and then moved on to trying to give her brothers, sister, and parents a “check-up.” She loved it.

When Annalise went off to college, she knew that she wanted to study medicine and become a doctor of her own. She had started watching the new hit show, Grey’s Anatomy, and realized she wanted to be just like Meredith Grey.

Throughout college, she studied hard and kept her grades up. At moments, her dream of becoming a doctor wavered and she thought about giving up on her dream. However, after her summer break after her sophomore year, she knew this was still what she wanted. A few short years later, she graduated from medical school and began her life as a doctor, with a focus on oncology!

Anna is now almost thirty-years-old and has a husband and two kids, a boy and a girl. She continues to work as a doctor, and she loves her job. Of course, she has learned how to make time for her family because being a doctor takes a lotof time and work. She has saved lives, lost patients, and experienced the emotions for each of these things. Cancer sucks, and she has to deal with it everyday through her career. A few years ago, her mom had a cancer scare, but they luckily caught it early, and got rid of it! However, Annalise lives in fear of getting a call or looking at the door of the oncology center and seeing any of her loved ones walking through the door. Thankfully, however, this has not happened quite yet, with the exception of her mother. She hopes someday, though, that through the help of science and her colleagues that they will reach a cure for cancer, or at least a better treatment that chemo or radiation. She has a great passion for life and her family, and never wants to lose either of these!


Let’s see where the End takes her!


I chose Annalise’s name by going to a random name generator website, and hitting the refresh button until I saw a name that I really liked, Annalise Huddleston! I don’t know if there are any Annalise Huddlestons out there, but if you are one of them and reading this, then welcome! I then decided I wanted to give a long backstory for her to make her seem more human rather than someone who is completely made up, which she is, in my mind. When we had to come up with a character for the Archetype assignment, I knew I wanted to come up with a character who would be a nurse or a doctor, who would be able to possibly prevent or help out with the version of the apocalypse in which the world ends through a plague or other kind of disease. Also, when I was writing this, I went to a random city generator, and picked Seattle! However, even though I did know I wanted Annalise to be some kind of doctor/nurse, I totally didn’t think about the fact that Grey’s Anatomy (one of my favorite shows) takes place in Seattle! I think it all works out pretty great, though! So just to clarify, I did not purposefully put Annalise in Seattle so that it could be my own spin-off version of Grey’s Anatomy. However, after realizing this fact, I wanted to make sure that Annalise is known to watch this famous TV show. I also made her birthday be on June 11th because this was my mom’s birthday. Also, it is fitting that Annalise was “born” on this day and is now an oncologist because my mom actually passed away from cervical cancer back in 2009. Perfect, right? An oncologist, who will hopefully find the cure to cancer, born on my mom’s birthday. (However, my mom was not born in 1988. She was born in the late 50s.)

I’m very excited to continue writing about Annalise Huddleston, and I hope you will join me on the journey too!

Another Week in Paradise/The End

Another Week in Paradise/The End

What a week! Is it time for midterms yet? It sure does feel like it! Like Kimmy Schmidt said, “I survived!”

I started out this week by completing three Daily Creates. If you would like to see what I did for those, check them out below!

In case you would like some context for these “stories,” here we go! On Monday, the Daily Create said to create a Flash Fiction story on Twitter with only 280 characters about what I would have seen/experienced if a zombie apocalypse occurred. On Tuesday, it was National Backwards Day, so I decided to find a picture of a rear-view mirror on a car that is looking back behind the car as to say “Don’t look back. Keep going.”  On Wednesday, we went to the Random Compliment Generator, which gave me the compliment “Oh!, how you inflict me with wounds of paranoia and desire!” Talk about an awkward situation! Do I say thanks? Hahaha!

Let’s just say I had a lot of fun. I feel like I got to let loose and have fun with these assignments for once! That’s one reason I took this class! I don’t have to write a 5-page paper or study for an exam. I get to explore my creative side!

Also this week, I got the apocalyptic sci-fi novel I will be reading over the course of the next few weeks  in the mail! I haven’t started reading it quite yet because it’s been difficult to find the time! However, I plan to start reading it this upcoming week! I’ll let you all know how I like it and if I recommend it!

I also read two short stories, which I reflected upon in a post a few posts down from this one! You can find it here! Long story short, I read Tupac Shakur and the End of the World by Sandra McDonald and There Will Come Soft Rains by Ray Bradbury. I enjoyed both of these stories because of the way each author used such vivid imagery that led to me feeling as though I was there living in each story and having to figure out a way to survive each apocalyptic setting! Also, after reading Tupac Shakur and the End of the World, I decided to write an alternative ending to this story. I began to wonder if I should end the story in a happy ending or if I should go over to my dark side and kill everyone off. I chose the happy ending, however, I did not want to make it seem like something out of a Disney movie. If you want to know how I decided to end the story, go check it out here!

I also got to explore the apocalypse by making it my own! I not only wrote the alternate ending to one of my new favorite short stories, but I also left an Amazon review for a product that I think could help me survive the apocalypse. Sadly, I do not actually own the knife because I don’t know if I would trust myself with all of the different pieces and parts! It seems like a great tool, though, and if the apocalypse does come some day, then I’m definitely going to invest in one of these. If you want to see the product itself, and my review, you can find it in a recent post here! To finish off the week, I completed three more assignments. I decided to write a haiku all about the apocalypse and how it changed the world, itself. It’s difficult to write everything you want to say about the apocalypse in a 5/7/5 syllabic pattern. You can find what I ended up coming up with here! The second-to-last assignment I completed was one in which I chose a picture and then wrote a short story that I thought the picture told. If you want to see my short story/interpretation, you’ll find it here! The last assignment I worked on this week was one that became quite a challenge! The original assignment was to create a story in each word began with the consecutive letter of the alphabet, for example, “A bear cooked dinner…” However, this became way too difficult to do with the apocalypse. I made it my own by writing 26 sentences, in which each sentence began with each consecutive letter of the alphabet. Go check it out here! I definitely had a lot of fun with each of these assignments from our class’s “Assignment Bank.”

Also this week, I began to explore my classmates’ creations and stories. One of my favorite blogs so far comes from my classmate, Elaina Finkelstein. She created an “Apocalypse Terms of Service” and it explained the rules of the apocalypse only through GIFs! I really enjoyed it, and you should definitely go check her out here! Another one of my classmates’s blog caught my attention! He also created an alternative ending for the short story Tupac Shakur and the End of the World. It was fun to compare my ending with his! If you want to see what he’s up to, you can find his blog here!

That’s a wrap on this week! See you next week in “The End!”

Weekly Question:

In the event of an apocalypse, do you think you’d be the kind of person to hoard your supplies (for yourself and your loved ones) or would you share them with those around you in need? Why or why not? (Feel free to also answer this question in the comments below!)

If I was faced with the apocalypse, I think that I would hoard my supplies for myself and also for my loved ones. That makes me sound like a horrible person, but I feel as though the apocalypse is a situation in which it’s every man for himself (or herself). In class, I’m happy to give you a piece of paper or a stick of gum, but if it’s a life or death situation, I’d rather be able to take care of myself and my loved ones rather than run out of supplies before I, myself, can benefit from them. Who knows how long I’ll have to live off of my supplies? I’m sorry!

The Apocalypse as Told by the Alphabet

The Apocalypse as Told by the Alphabet

I couldn’t seem to write a comprehendible story while only using each letter of the alphabet to begin each word. This is what I did instead!

Apocalyptic creatures such as aliens and zombies have taken over.

By the end of the night, there will be nowhere safe to hide.

Causes of the apocalypse range from zombie invasions to creations of black holes.

Deaths and injuries make up much more of the population than those who are safe and alive.

Earth is losing its form all together.

Fires have destroyed homes, roads, buildings, and everything in its path.

Guesses have been made that there will be at least 1.5 million people who have died by morning.

Houses look like ghost towns that haven’t been touched in thousands of years.

Independence is the only thing people can count on.

Jokes aside, this is all extremely awful.

Killers are being made out of everyone.

Life-savers include knives, flares, and water.

Mothers cling to their children.

No one is in this alone.

One man refuses to leave the house he built with his two hands.

Piles of treasures such as jewelry, children’s toys, and much more can be found everywhere.

Questions of how this all happened remain unanswered.

Radioactive traps are everywhere and can never be spotted until it’s too late.

Sirens are a constant sound.

Trust is something very hard to come by.

Under all of this rubble is still a world, but not like the one that used to exist.

Vile is a perfect word to describe the zombies and aliens.

Would you survive if this was where you were?

XI, 14, is written on almost all of the remaining walls in the world, why?

Yesterday was just a normal day.

Zero hope remains.

Goodbye to the World She Knew

Goodbye to the World She Knew

Millie had to say goodbye to her world as she knew it when this picture was taken. News reports had warned everyone of an event that was very apocalyptic-seeming. The last thing that Millie’s parents wanted was to put their and their daughter’s lives in danger. Around 7:00 this morning, Millie and her parents packed everything they could into their car. Food, water, clothes, blankets, flashlights, batteries, water, and anything else that they treasured.

Millie’s dad drove in the beginning. There was no final destination. There was one goal: get as far away from home as possible. Millie and her parents swept tears from their eyes as they drove away from their home that they loved and grew up in. They realized this may be the last time they see any of this. Millie only stared out the window in the backseat trying to wake up from this day that felt more like a nightmare than real life. Unfortunately, this was no bad dream. It was reality.

The news reporters had said that this ‘apocalypse’ that was supposed to occur would involve an eruption from a volcano that has been dormant for the past 100 years. This volcanic eruption would then lead to a massively destructive tsunami that would wipe everything out in its path. Who knew how accurate these reports were? Was it something that could happen? Was this another event like December 21, 2012 when everyone assumed the world would end because that’s what was predicted on the Mayan calendar.

Millie sat and contemplated everything she had ever heard about this type of thing. She had studied volcanoes and natural disasters in her elementary school science classes. Did she ever think this would happen to her? Absolutely not. She laughed to herself when she thought about the running joke everyone knows in which when you were in grade school you didn’t learn how to pay taxes or how to find a career, but you did learn that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.

Source: me.me  

At least there was something that could cheer her up. She went and checked all of her social media feeds. Who cares if the apocalypse is coming, she still needs to know what is happening on Twitter!

Millie decided to document at least one last piece of her world before it became just a pile of ash. She rolled down the car window and began to film a short video of she and her family driving down the road. It would become something she could watch over and over again if she needed/wanted to.

She turned her phone off and before rolling the window up, she blew a kiss that she held out the window as if to say “I love you. Please be here for me to come back to.” She closed the window, and fell to sleep as to wait for what would come from all of this.

The Night My Life Changed Forever

The Night My Life Changed Forever

My life changed in the best possible way on March 3rd, 2017.

My best friends had surprised me with Panic! at the Disco concert tickets for one of their tour stops in Baltimore at the MGM Theater. They surprised me in the fall. I thought I was dreaming. One of these amazing best friends introduced me to Panic! during my freshman year. She showed me the video of Brendon Urie, the lead singer, singing and playing the piano for an acoustic version of his song This Is Gospel. After watching this video, I knew I was completely obsessed. If you haven’t seen the music video, I absolutely recommend it.

WARNING: You may fall in love with Brendon Urie after watching this video. You’re welcome.

March 3rd arrived much faster than I expected. It was also perfect timing because it was the Friday night that began our spring break.

I had to sit through three classes that day, and all I could think about was what would be happening and where I would be later that evening. I was so excited! After classes were over, I went back to my on-campus apartment that I shared with my two best friends. We got ready to go, and got in the car to head to Baltimore. It felt so surreal! Also, you better believe we blasted Panic! at the Disco music the entire way.

Finally, we arrived at the MGM Theater in Baltimore. The parking garage was quite strange and had many weird entrances. Once we actually got inside the parking garage, it was like a maze with many dead-ends and floors. Once we got inside, we had to walk around the enormous casino that was in the middle of the building, because unfortunately, none of us were 21, yet. As we were walking, I began to freak out. I kept repeating, “I’m in the same building as Brendon Urie right now!” My best friends had to tell me to shut up after repeating that sentence over and over again.

I failed to mention earlier that my best friends had bought us VIP tickets! We got in the VIP line where we each received a tote bag with a t-shirt, mini vinyl-record, our VIP pass, and more. I couldn’t believe it. I was having the time of my life. We went into the theater, itself, and Saint Motel was performing as one of the openers. After they performed, MisterWives performed as the other opener. I became very antsy. I knew what was next. My best friends and I took at least one-hundred SnapChat selfies.

Soon, a count-down began on the stage which meant Brendon Urie was about to enter the stage. I began to shake with anxiety and excitement. The lights came up and there he was and he sang his opening song. I thought I was going to faint. I could not possibly believe that Brendon Urie was right there in front of me, and only about 50 yards away from where we were standing. Confetti was blasted into the crowd from the ceiling which made the experience feel even more magical. His voice in person was even more amazing live than it was on iTunes and Spotify. I still don’t know how he can possibly hit all of the high notes he does in almost every song. I kept looking at my two best friends and we shared great, big grins and screams of “Oh my God!!” 

All of those hours spent listening to Brendon Urie’s songs had been put to perfect use. I never wanted to night to end. I didn’t know how I was ever so lucky to have best friends like the ones I have who would treat me to such a night/experience.

After the concert was over, I was still in a state of shock. I had just seen one of my favorite people in the world in person. I could not believe it. I tried to Tweet at him and tag him in an Instagram post, in the hopes he would notice. Who knows, maybe he did!

It took us about an hour-and-a-half to get out of the parking garage, but once we did we realized how hungry we were. Where do you go to eat after such an exciting night? McDonalds. Yeah it was about midnight when we went, but it turned out that everyone else who had been at the concert had the same idea. We ate our dinner, and headed back to school to spend the night before we all went home for spring break.

All of my adrenaline and excitement had drained my energy, and I fell asleep in the backseat of the car of the way home. Once I had to wake up to go inside, I made sure to tell everyone I knew over the phone and over social media that this night had been the absolute best night of my life. It had been, without a doubt. Now I have to come up with a surprise like this for my best friends as a form of repaying them.