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Putting the “Fan” in Fan Fiction

Putting the “Fan” in Fan Fiction

T-minus 3 weeks until the END of the semester! I’m losing my mind. Don’t know if that’s because of the apocalypse or if it’s my work load.

Fan Fiction. We’ve all read it. Some of us have created it. Don’t lie to yourself. 😉

This week was filled with it! (Kind of)

I was to complete 12 stars of assignments for this week after choosing from a long list of possibilities. It was a lot of fun to have all of this free reign! There was one catch, though! Each assignment had to be based on the novel I read for this class which was California by Edan Lepucki! I really enjoyed this book! For these assignments, I took twists and turns in some of my creations! You can see below what I did!

  1. “Focus on the Background” – 3 STARS

    (To read the full story, please click on the image above)
  2. “That Bucket List Though” – 2 STARS 
  3. “Let’s See Some ID” – 3 STARS 

4. “Imaginary Places” – 3 STARS  

5. “Animated GIF Alternative Cover” – 5 STARS 

(Hint Hint: If you click the images/media below each title, it will take you to the more in-depth blog post about the creative processes behind each one of these projects!)

Next! I found a new piece of evidence! I walked outside yesterday and saw a long trail of random keys everywhere on campus! I don’t know what it means, what they go to, or anything like that! It’s scary! Here’s a picture! Watch out, guys!

And that’s all for Week 12, friends!


Look to your right. The thing you see is the only weapon you’ll have during the End. How will you use it to survive?

To my right, I have a stapler. This will definitely come in handy! Has anyone ever accidentally stapled themselves? I have. When I was four or five, I was playing with this tiny stapler, and a staple shot out and cut into my thumb. Ouch. I will now use this stapler, not on myself, but as another weapon. I will get it to shoot staples at the enemies. It may not kill them, but it will take them down for sure. There is no pain quite like having a staple in your skin. Plus, there are a lot of staples in my stapler! Watch out, zombies!

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