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It’s Been a Minute, Fellow Survivors

It’s Been a Minute, Fellow Survivors


I had a wonderful spring break and I wish I could have about two more weeks of it. Unfortunately, I had to come back to the real world. I went down to Kiawah Island in South Carolina to visit family. Kiawah is a very special place for my family and me. We have celebrated numerous Easters and Thanksgivings down there. I learned how to ride a bike on the beach and it is somewhere where I felt like I grew up. It’s a second home, and somewhere that is extremely special to me. It was amazing to be back down there after a few years of not being able to go down or spend long enough. If I had to explain Kiawah in one word, I would say “paradise.” Just so you can get an idea how amazing this place is, here are a few pictures. If you click on them, they’ll take you to the Kiawah website so you can see even more. (I seriously recommend taking a look!)

  Source: GolfAdvisor.com
Source: Federal Highway Administration

That last picture? Yeah, that’s me around the age of 6 or 7 jumping across a little fountain/pond thingy. I could spend hours doing that.

So anyways, now you can kind of see why I love this place so much. But you want to know what I did for class these past few weeks, right?

So, let’s rewind a bit to before spring break! Before spring break, I finally got to meet with my survivalist group for the apocalypse/The End. I really, really enjoy working with these girls. We all get along and I’m excited to continue to form friendships with these ladies. If you want to know who I’m talking about, they’re names and blogs are as follows: Taylor, Rachel, Emily, and Morgan. Our tasks for the past few weeks have been to work together to think of, create, edit, and share our own radio show that will be featured on DS106 Radio. Without giving too much away, the title of our show is “Girls’ Guide to the Apocalypse” where each of us acts as our characters that each of us have created. We have Taylor and Rachel portraying their characters, Felicity and Offred as two advice columnists, Emily and Morgan portraying their characters, Jennifer and Bobbi Jane as two beauty gurus, and then me portraying my character, Annalise as a doctor giving advice and tips in order to survive. That’s all I can tell you as right now, but check out DS106 Radio this week to hear our debut! Oh! Also here is the promotional advertisement I made for our show! You’ll have to check out the other designs and promos for our show on the other girls’ pages. After the show, please let us know what you think!

Also over the past few weeks, I have completed four Daily Creates! Check them out:

For the first one, I used Hero Machine¬†to create what I hope to become by the end of the apocalypse. I was tempted to create some kind of different creature, like a hawk with an alien’s head, or something strange like that. However, I’d really like to still be me at the end of the End. Therefore, I made myself, or a portrayal of me as myself and as my character at the same time.

For the second one, I got to play some Pictionary. My drawing skills are quite possibly some of the worst, but I still had fun. Can you guess the word? The funnier the guess, the better.

For the third one, I got to use an online template in order to make my own Wheel of Fortune word puzzle. Can you solve the puzzle?

For the fourth one, I used Canva to create a postcard that I sent to my parents as a last message in the apocalypse. I hope they’re safe and doing well. I hope I get to see them soon.

So! That was my past few weeks in a nutshell! See you next time!


If the apocalypse were to happen, and you had to become something. . .else. Which kind of something would you want to be and why?

  • Some kind of mutant, like a zombie, vampire, or werewolf?
  • A cyborg who looks like a human but is actually operating from an artifical intelligence?
  • A being from someplace other than Earth?
  • A supernatural being, capable of feats no human could even begin to comprehend?
  • A time-traveler with the ability to potentially travel back and forth in time to change the outcome of the apocalypse?
  • Something else?

If the apocalypse were to happen, I would want to be a time-traveler. I think time-travel is pretty awesome, and I sometimes really wish it existed so that I could be a kid again! Life was so simple and wonderful! I also feel like I could become some sort of superhero that saves the day by preventing the apocalypse all together. I would also want to travel to the future if I’m too late and the apocalypse has already hit. I would want to travel to the future so I could see if we’ll get through this, and maybe there is something I can do in the future to redirect the results of the apocalypse. However, one fear of mine is getting stuck in the past or future and not being able to return to the present. However, a time traveler seems much more exciting than becoming a zombie, no offense zombies.

Source: Giphy
Week 5: We Did It Guys

Week 5: We Did It Guys

Once again, we have reached the end of another week surviving The End.

This week, the focus was on learning all about audio! I’ll say this. I’ve become much more comfortable with using different audio platforms such as SoundCloud and Audacity. I used to hate recording my voice and then having to listen to my own voice. I’ve slowly overcome this fear/hatred.

In the past, as I wrote in a post earlier this week, I have worked with audio for past assignments. Last semester in my digital studies class, I had to record my own podcast. In that podcast, I talked about my dad, who grew up in the late 50s and 60s, and his childhood in which he didn’t have nearly as much technology as we do now. Also, back when I was in high school in my Spanish class, we had to record ourselves saying vocabulary words or phrases as numerous homework assignments. I¬†dreaded¬†those assignments. I was so embarrassed by how I sounded, especially since I had to speak another language.

One assignment I did this week was compiling one recording that includes some of my favorite sounds! I’ve never really thought about what sounds I like, but I know what sounds I do not like. Nails on a chalkboard, metal scratching metal, alarm clock, etc. In my recording, I not only thought of my own favorite sounds, but I also thought about sounds that many people enjoy. The sounds I included were a thunderstorm, a cat purring, a summer night, a car driving down the road, and someone playing the piano. If you’d like to listen, you can listen below! Let me know if you like any of these sounds, and also the sounds that you like but I didn’t include!

Sounds are constantly being created and heard, whether you realize them or not. There is that famous question, “If a tree falls in the woods, but no one is there, does it make a sound?” The answer is yes (at least in my opinion).

Sound and audio also can help tell stories! I listened to the DS 106 radio show on Wednesday night. On the show, there was a “fake” news broadcast in which a deadly disease and an alien invasion take place. Slowly, you hear everyone begin to be affected by this. One of the reporters tries to explain what is going on, but tragedy begins to occur. While listening to this, I “live-Tweeted” while using specific hashtags so I could join the conversation with my peers! Below are some examples of what I was saying!

Another assignment from this week was leaving a message on the website Frequency 2156. If you’ve never heard of this site, it’s a website in which anyone anywhere in the world is able to record and publish an audio message for everyone and anyone to listen to. People on a completely different continent are able to leave a message that I or anyone else can listen to. Another very important aspect of this website is the fact that everyone leaving messages are survivors of the apocalypse that hits in the year 2156. Who knows if we’ll have access to this website during the apocalypse, but we can only hope! In my message, I asked for help, while also adding background noise to make it sound like static and interference! I encourage you to leave your own message! Here’s my message!

The last audio assignment I completed this week was one where I mixed¬†Disney¬†with the apocalypse. Yes. You read that correctly. I searched “disney villain songs” on YouTube and I got quite a lot of results. I downloaded the audio from the videos I liked and was able to cut certain parts all together to make a story about the apocalypse. I tried my best to make it somewhat relate to the movie I watched last week,¬†The Road.¬†Listen below! Who doesn’t love¬†Disney?

Finally, the last assignment I did this week was create my own character for my class’s apocalypse! I came up with a character whose name is Annalise Huddleston and she’s a doctor. I’m so excited to see where I take this character through the rest of the semester and through a story! If you’d like to get to know my character more, then you can find out more about her in this post!

That’s all for this week! See you guys on the other side of next week!


How are you feeling? Be specific. 

I’m good! I have gotten all of my assignments for this week, which is always a relief! I had a lot of fun exploring with audio! This past week has been quite overwhelming. Reading after reading. Paper after paper. Assignment after assignment. This class is enjoyable and I love it. I’ve also been trying my absolute hardest to avoid the flu that seems to be spreading around like wildfire. I don’t have the time to be sick! I’m also very ready for spring break! Two weeks to go!


Once Upon An… Apocalypse?

Once Upon An… Apocalypse?

As another audio assignment from the assignment bank, I completed one that incorporates Disney¬†and the apocalypse! I was immediately drawn to this assignment due to the fact that it had to do with¬†Disney. Who isn’t excited by that?

So what did I have to do? Well, I needed to compile a recording that includes different¬†Disney¬†lyrics that are then put together to tell a story. This was definitely a challenge. For one thing, I haven’t watched a¬†Disney¬†movie in quite a while. However, if anyone asks¬†Cinderella is my favorite.

The songs I used are as follows:

  1. “Let it Go” from Frozen¬†
  2. “Poor Unfortunate Souls” from¬†The Little Mermaid
  3. “Be Prepared” from¬†The Lion King
  4. “In the Dark” of the Night from¬†Anastasia
  5. “Savages” from¬†Pocahontas
  6. “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” from¬†Mulan
  7. “Hakuna Matata” from¬†The Lion King

The recording I ended up with in the end slightly reminded me of the movie I watched as an intro to video,¬†The Road. It reminded me so much of this because the lyrics from “Let it Go” reminded me of how desolate and empty the world was for the man and the boy. I also felt that the song and the description of “Poor Unfortunate Souls” fit the man and the boy pretty well. They had nothing left except for each other. The rest of the lyrics from the other songs feel as though they fit¬†The Road too because they had to protect one another and probably felt like this was all just one big nightmare. Let me know if you agree!

Source: Giphy

(I apologize for any choppiness in my recording. I could only cut so much without cutting too much.)


As I said above, I love¬†Disney so much. I knew I wanted to do this assignment, but at the beginning, I was worried I would never be able to pull this assignment, of four stars, off, especially if I needed to relate it back to the apocalypse. After looking at some of my classmate’s submissions, I realized how I could do it! I went to YouTube and typed in “disney villain songs.” I got videos after videos, and even some playlists. I listened to and watched quite a few clips of¬†Disney songs, and when I found a line I liked, I made sure to save the video. Then, I went to 4K Video Downloader, and downloaded the audio from each video. From there, I edited all of the music together in Audacity and once I was finished, I played it back and I really liked what the end result was/is. I also like the last clip of audio in my recording from “Hakuna Matata” in which Simba says, “Oh well… Hakuna Matata.” I just feel like that line sums up what people might feel during the apocalypse if they’ve had enough and have to stop worrying. What do you think? Let me know!


Hello?… Anyone There?

Hello?… Anyone There?

This week, I got to experiment with a bunch of sounds and audio! I just finished up posting an audio clip of me to Frequency 2156. If you’ve never heard of this site, it’s a website which is almost its own radio show. When you first go to the page, you immediately see a map of the entire globe with little pins all over the place. When you click on one, you can hear another person’s message from the apocalypse. You can even see where they are located and when they posted their message. Why is it called Frequency 2156? Well, the creators are pretending to be from the year 2156! It’s a lot of fun to listen to different messages, especially messages from people on a completely different continent. I definitely recommend going over there and listening to a few messages, and eventually share your own! Below is a screenshot I took from the website so you can have an example of what I’m talking about!

Try to see if you can find mine! (Hint: It’s located somewhere close to Washington D.C. and I used my first name, Elizabeth, as my name in the message.) You can listen to my own message¬†on Frequency 2156, if you’d like! Send me one back or do me a favor, and find me some help, please!

I definitely believe that Frequency 2156 is a story. The different messages from around the world create a story in itself! I think it’s even more impactful and real due to the fact that you are able to listen to peoples’ voices. You can hear the fear, exhaustion, and hopelessness in everyone’s voices. When we read a story on paper, we don’t know what the characters’ voices sound like. We can only imagine it for ourselves, and chances are that everyone imagines something different. This story comes to life! Some of the people on Frequency 2156 talk about the things they have seen, where they are hiding, what they have found, why they need help, and so much more. It is almost as if you are reading a post-apocalyptic novel, but it’s in the form of an audiobook! It also reminds me of when I was in grade school and we would do that activity where one person writes a sentence on a piece of paper and then that person passes it to the person next to them. Then after the next person writes, they fold down the piece of paper so that the third person can only see what the second person writes. Then comes the fun part. At the end, you have a story that either makes some sense or no sense at all. It’s kind of like¬†Mad Libs.¬†Everyone gets to add a message, but you don’t know what anyone is going to say!

However, one fault I find with this program is the fact that once the apocalypse comes, I don’t think we’ll have any access to audio-recorders or the Internet, which are both quite important for this. I could be wrong, but I don’t know how much of a solution this site will give us in the apocalypse. Also, this website is not very well-known, so survivors may not know to look there for any word from their loved ones.


For this assignment, I knew I had to record my voice, which I have said before that I don’t like doing. However, I’m slowly getting over this. I went to Audacity and recorded a message that I had written down prior to recording so that I could say everything I wanted to say. In case it’s difficult to understand me, below is my “script.”

Source: Giphy

“Hello? Hello?¬†I don’t know if anyone can hear me but I have found shelter in an abandoned SUV. I’ve been here for a few days, and I have only seen about two or three other people walk by the car. We are all tired and hungry. We’re still survivors though! If you are listening, do me a favor, and send help. I don’ t know how much longer I can survive this. It’s cold and rainy, and it’s miserable. Please help.”

Once I recorded my message, I went back to freesound.org and found two sounds that I thought would perfectly act as ‘interference’ and background noise to my message so that it would sound slightly more realistic than the different sounds that are heard in my dorm room. The two sounds were howling wind and radio static.

Let me know what you all think!

“These Are A Few of My Favorite”… Sounds!

“These Are A Few of My Favorite”… Sounds!

For this assignment from the assignment bank, I was to create an audio recording of four or five of my favorite sounds. This really got me thinking because I’ve never really thought about what sounds I actually like. I know what sounds I¬†don’t¬†like because every time I hear them I want to either pull my hair out or scream. Some of these are: nails on a chalkboard, metal scraping against metal (or a fork scraping loudly across a plate), fire alarms, alarm clocks, and so many more! As you can tell, I’m kind of picky and a lot of sounds tend to set me off.

This assignment was fun because I could think about different things that I like to hear! You don’t really realize it but sounds are constantly being created. Right now, I’m listening to music in my headphones and I’m listening to my fingers tap on the keys of my keyboard as I type this post. I finally came up with some sounds that I think are nice or comforting to listen to. I was able to go to freesound.org and find each sound I included. At the end of the recording, I combined all five sounds together as an “experiment” to see what it would sound like. To be honest, I felt like a child mixing everything I could find into one container and then shaking it up! You can hear each sound clearly in my recording, but just in case it’s difficult to decipher what each sound is, I’ve listed them below!

1st sound: Thunderstorm

2nd sound: A summer night outside

3rd sound: A cat purring

4th sound: A car driving down the road

5th sound: Someone playing the piano

I don’t know if you agree with my choices of sounds, but let me know if you also like listening to some or all of these, too! Let me know what you think!!


For this assignment, I really had to think about what sounds I like to listen to. It was difficult because I realized that I don’t stop to think about sounds that I like, but I do love music.

I went to freesound.org¬†¬†and found numerous sound effects or recordings that were free and available for me to use them in this project. Once I compiled some of my favorite sounds, I used Audacity to combine them all together into one recording. I tried to leave some of the recordings in their original full-length to give the full “effect.” However, one of them I had to trim down quite a bit because it was almost half-an-hour long. This was a lot of fun to do and I hope to get to do it again in the future!

Introducing… Dr. Annalise Huddleston

Introducing… Dr. Annalise Huddleston

Annalise Huddleston was born on June 11th, 1988 in Seattle, Washington. She grew up with two older brothers and one younger sister. Her mom and dad always had their hands full, that’s for sure. She loved dolls and all the toys you would think all little girls love. She had plenty of toys, but she could never hold back the urge to ask her mom for a new Barbie when they went to the store.

One day, she was watching TV, and one of her favorite shows was on,¬†Sesame Street, and one of the many characters was pretending to be a doctor. She loved watching how the character pretended to take the other character’s temperature, reflexes, and more. The next time she went to the toy store with her mom, she asked for a toy doctor’s bag. She finally found one, and inside were plastic doctor instruments such as a stethoscope, thermometer, reflex hammer, and syringe. For the next few months, Annalise would play doctor with her dolls, and then moved on to trying to give her brothers, sister, and parents a “check-up.” She loved it.

When Annalise went off to college, she knew that she wanted to study medicine and become a doctor of her own. She had started watching the new hit show,¬†Grey’s Anatomy, and realized she wanted to be just like Meredith Grey.

Throughout college, she studied hard and kept her grades up. At moments, her dream of becoming a doctor wavered and she thought about giving up on her dream. However, after her summer break after her sophomore year, she knew this was still what she wanted. A few short years later, she graduated from medical school and began her life as a doctor, with a focus on oncology!

Anna is now almost thirty-years-old and has a husband and two kids, a boy and a girl. She continues to work as a doctor, and she loves her job. Of course, she has learned how to make time for her family because being a doctor takes a lotof time and work. She has saved lives, lost patients, and experienced the emotions for each of these things. Cancer sucks, and she has to deal with it everyday through her career. A few years ago, her mom had a cancer scare, but they luckily caught it early, and got rid of it! However, Annalise lives in fear of getting a call or looking at the door of the oncology center and seeing any of her loved ones walking through the door. Thankfully, however, this has not happened quite yet, with the exception of her mother. She hopes someday, though, that through the help of science and her colleagues that they will reach a cure for cancer, or at least a better treatment that chemo or radiation. She has a great passion for life and her family, and never wants to lose either of these!


Let’s see where the End takes her!


I chose Annalise’s name by going to a random name generator website, and hitting the refresh button until I saw a name that I really liked, Annalise Huddleston! I don’t know if there are any Annalise Huddlestons out there, but if you are one of them and reading this, then welcome! I then decided I wanted to give a long backstory for her to make her seem more human rather than someone who is completely made up, which she is, in my mind. When we had to come up with a character for the Archetype assignment, I knew I wanted to come up with a character who would be a nurse or a doctor, who would be able to possibly prevent or help out with the version of the apocalypse in which the world ends through a plague or other kind of disease. Also, when I was writing this, I went to a random city generator, and picked Seattle! However, even though I did know I wanted Annalise to be some kind of doctor/nurse, I totally didn’t think about the fact that¬†Grey’s Anatomy (one of my favorite shows) takes place in Seattle! I think it all works out pretty great, though! So just to clarify, I did not purposefully put Annalise in Seattle so that it could be my own spin-off version of¬†Grey’s Anatomy. However, after realizing this fact, I wanted to make sure that Annalise is known to watch this famous TV show. I also made her birthday be on June 11th because this was my mom’s birthday. Also, it is fitting that Annalise was “born” on this day and is now an oncologist because my mom actually passed away from cervical cancer back in 2009. Perfect, right? An oncologist, who will hopefully find the cure to cancer, born on my mom’s birthday. (However, my mom was not born in 1988. She was born in the late 50s.)

I’m very excited to continue writing about Annalise Huddleston, and I hope you will join me on the journey too!

My History with Audio

My History with Audio

This week has been all about diving into the audio world!

I love to listen to music anytime I can. I also love to listen to podcasts and audiobooks when I can! I’m the person in the gym typically listening to a podcast of some sort rather than listening to music while on the treadmill. If I’m not listening to music, a podcast, or an audiobook, I am watching YouTube or Netflix. It’s an unhealthy obsession, really.

As a child, I owned my own Walk-Man and I would carry around my little case, with Barbie on the front, full of CDs. I would listen to each song on a CD and once CD was completely over, I’d pop the lid on the player and would put a new CD in. I would also sing along to the songs, but would forget my parents couldn’t hear the actual song so they just heard me singing at the top of my lungs to my music.

In the past, I have had to use SoundCloud and other audio-producing programs to complete different assignments. Last semester, I had to create an episode of my own “podcast” in which I talked about the evolution of technology and media. I recorded it on GarageBand, and was able to edit it before turning it in. I added royalty-free music behind it to make it sound more “professional” and enticing.

Also, in high school, for my Spanish class, I would have to record myself saying words and phrases in Spanish for homework. I always hated it because for one, I hated the sound of my voice, and two, I hated having to actually record myself saying these things because I was embarrassed by the way I pronounced things, and if I slightly stumbled over my words, I would delete the entry and start over completely.

However, this week, I have been able to open my eyes, and ears, more to the world of audio production. After looking at my class’s audio tips page, I’ve learned quite a few new tricks and tips for making audio that people want to listen to. I think it’s so cool when you are listening to something and it has different audio clips playing over one another to make it sound like radio interference or record scratches. I also realized how important it is to create the audio at a normal pace so that it doesn’t sound like you’re nervous and just trying to get through everything you want to say, and so you don’t sound like that lady in church who doesn’t know how to read at a normal pace and it feels as though it takes her twenty-minutes to read one sentence. I think the audio should heard at the same pace as if you were reading the words on a page.

After watching Radio Lab’s Jad Abumrad, I realized just how much listening to audio can paint you hundreds of pictures, and not everyone imagines the same exact thing. The radio, just like a TV or cellphone, is a way to tell stories. As Abumrad also says, storytelling is something that has gone on for many, many years, and it continues to be a relevant practice that is important to each and every culture.

Update! Update! Read All About It!

Update! Update! Read All About It!

Hi friends!

Here we are at the end of Week 4 of the apocalypse! How’s everyone doing? Good? Good.

What a week it has been! This week, we covered the photography unit of digital storytelling. It was a lot of fun! Who doesn’t want to take pictures for an assignment?

First off, at the beginning of the week, I completed two Daily Creates! The first one I completed was last Tuesday, and I had to find an image, GIF, or other kind of media that reminded me of bones! What immediately came to mind was the “Bone Dance” from Hannah Montana. I’m not ashamed, and am pretty proud of the GIF I was able to make from it! Let me know if you start singing along to the words as you read them! I think this song/dance definitely qualifies as a representation of bones!

The second daily create I did was on Thursday. I was to create a “found poem” in which I collected tweets, lyrics, quotes, etc. and created a poem out of them! Here’s the result! Let me know if you can identify some/any/all of the lyrics, quotes, tweets, etc. in this!

I really love Daily Creates! They’re a great way to have a “creative break,” if you will.

I then shifted gears into the photography realm of the creative world. I learned a few tips in order to improve my photography skills, such as to wait for the perfect moment to capture the perfect photo and how to do that fun trick of making something big look small and how to make something small look big. After, I viewed a few galleries on the¬†Abandoned America¬†site in which I discovered a bunch of pictures of abandoned places such as schools, hospitals, institutions, prisons, and so much more! You should definitely check it out! Then, it was my turn, I took on the¬†Photoblitz¬†challenge. Basically, what this means is there is a website I went to in which I was assigned seven prompts of what I needed to take pictures of and I had a twenty-minute time frame to do this in. I succeeded! Below are the seven prompts I was given, and my results! Let me know what you think! (I’m very much a beginner!)

Then, I was to create a comparison of what I looked like before the apocalypse and what I looked like after! There is quite a difference, but I still have my glasses! If you want to make your own comparison, check out Juxtapose! It splits both pictures in half and then compares them side-by-side.

The next visual assignment I completed was having fun with typography! I took two photos that I found to relate to the apocalypse and put them through a typography-generator. After, I added text to the typography already existing, and made up messages that were written in a secret code that can be translated into real meanings. I don’t want to give away all of my secrets here, so if you want to see exactly what I did and what they mean, check it out!

The last assignment I had this week was exploring more science fiction films! I watched La Jet√©e and The Road. Instead of a regular movie,¬†La Jet√©e, was a series of still images that told the story while a narrator explained it. After a nuclear war destroys Paris, a man goes through a set of experiments where he is able to visit the past, present, and future. I can’t say much more without spoiling it! You can find this on Netflix, too!¬†The Road was also quite interesting and complex. You can find it on Netflix! It’s about a father and son’s journey through their post-apocalyptic world, while trying to save each other and survive all at the same time. I don’t want to give the whole story away, so definitely go watch it! You won’t regret it.

Until next week!


Do you think an animated GIF can be considered a story? Why or why not? It would be great to include some examples to illustrate your thoughts. (Feel free to answer this question as well in the comments!)

I definitely think that an animated GIF can be considered a story. For one, there is a literal beginning and end, which is essential to every story. Some GIFs may only be 1 second long, but others can contain more than one scene or shot of something. If you add GIFs together, it becomes a ‘show’ or comic! Also, GIFs can tell literal stories if the creator adds text to the bottom of it! I really think any kind of media or object can tell a story. If I wear a specific necklace that has a lot of history to it, it’s telling a story. The same goes for a GIF. Also, when a person sees a GIF, they can be reminded of the TV show, movie, or other media that it came from, which then tells a story in their mind!

Some examples:

Reflecting Upon Movies Portraying the End of the World

Reflecting Upon Movies Portraying the End of the World

Source: Michelle Buchman on Nerdist.com
Source: TheFunambulist.net

The first film I watched this week was a short film,¬†La Jet√©e, in which a man is taken through a journey of his memories from the past and present, and is then taken to the future all while being a part of something that seems to be some type of psychological test. The main character is one of a few survivors trying to stay alive, literally, under Paris after a nuclear destruction. Instead of being a movie that you expect in which it’s 24-frames-per-second is watched as a constant video stream, this film is made up of multiple still images, almost as if you are reading a picture book with a narrator telling you everything that has happened and is happening.

La Jet√©e¬†was very interesting. I had never watched a film like this before. Honestly, I kept getting confused as to if I was in the unnamed man’s dreams or if I was watching what happened to him after he escaped this experiment chamber. However, I did find it interesting that when the man was dreaming, he would see everything and move clearly. Then, he would suddenly vanish. In a matter of seconds, he would return to his dream world where the same woman, who seemed to be his love interest, would be sitting there waiting for him to return. You know how when you are having a really good dream, but you wake up too early and don’t get to know what happened? I hate that. I always wish I could go back and finish the dream. The man didn’t always reappear in the same location, but he always saw and spent time with the woman who was there.

Source: The Road (2009)

The second film I watched this week was The Road (2009) directed by John Hillcoat. I watched the trailer for this movie and was not so sure about it from the looks of it. It looked like it was going to be severely graphic and violent. However, I was very surprised. There was violence and it was somewhat graphic, but it was so much more enticing than I expected. Just when I thought all of their problems were solved, or that they were finally safe, I was thrown a curve-ball.

In this film, a father and son, who are never named, must survive through the post-apocalyptic world they have been thrown into. This GIF above illustrates how there is literally nothing left in their world. Shortly after this shot in the movie ends, the man/father looks at the fire and says “It’s like it used to be when the sun came out.” Another quote that becomes a theme in this movie is when the man/father says to the boy “You have to keep carrying the fire.” The boy then asks, “What fire?” The man responds, “The fire inside you.” This quote is something that really struck me in a way as expressing that no matter how bad life gets, even if you have nothing, keep that light inside of you going, no matter what.

Also in this film, the man’s wife, and son’s mother, left them and died somewhere unknown. It is only the two of them left to survive. They encounter cannibals who they must protect themselves from. They also face starvation, until they happen upon a bunker stocked with enough food to feed an army. However, there troubles do not end there. They are robbed, nearly killed, and learn to trust the last people alive on earth after the apocalypse. I won’t spoil anything because the story is constantly changing and surprising you around ever corner! If you are looking to watch this movie, I definitely recommend it. You can find it on Netflix!

Secret Messages in the Apocalypse

Secret Messages in the Apocalypse

In the apocalypse, we have to communicate in code. It’s too dangerous to say everything we need to over the phone or text or anything like that because the government can see it and it will not end well by any means. That’s why I want to share two messages I have created in order to communicate with my family and friends.

Can you see the message?

How about now?

It says “ybdjkf39” What does this mean exactly? Well, it means, “THE END IS HERE!”

Another message:

Can you see the message in this one?

How about now?

It says “plom56” What does this one mean, you ask? It means “SAVE YOURSELVES!”

I continue to communicate in these letters and symbols. It’s currently the only safe way to communicate when you’re not talking to someone face-to-face. If you are currently surviving through the apocalypse, I strongly recommend this safe form of communication.


For this visual assignment, I was tasked with figuring out a way to communicate with typography, which is basically a code of numbers, letters, and symbols that can decode a message. I chose to take pictures that I think represented the apocalypse in some way or another, and put them into a typography tool that I found that took the image and covered it with these numbers, symbols, and letters. These are the original images from above:

I then decided to combine random letters and numbers together. I then made up messages that looked like warnings that I could send out to my family and friends as if it was a futuristic, much more complicated text message.