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Introducing… Dr. Annalise Huddleston

Introducing… Dr. Annalise Huddleston

Annalise Huddleston was born on June 11th, 1988 in Seattle, Washington. She grew up with two older brothers and one younger sister. Her mom and dad always had their hands full, that’s for sure. She loved dolls and all the toys you would think all little girls love. She had plenty of toys, but she could never hold back the urge to ask her mom for a new Barbie when they went to the store.

One day, she was watching TV, and one of her favorite shows was on, Sesame Street, and one of the many characters was pretending to be a doctor. She loved watching how the character pretended to take the other character’s temperature, reflexes, and more. The next time she went to the toy store with her mom, she asked for a toy doctor’s bag. She finally found one, and inside were plastic doctor instruments such as a stethoscope, thermometer, reflex hammer, and syringe. For the next few months, Annalise would play doctor with her dolls, and then moved on to trying to give her brothers, sister, and parents a “check-up.” She loved it.

When Annalise went off to college, she knew that she wanted to study medicine and become a doctor of her own. She had started watching the new hit show, Grey’s Anatomy, and realized she wanted to be just like Meredith Grey.

Throughout college, she studied hard and kept her grades up. At moments, her dream of becoming a doctor wavered and she thought about giving up on her dream. However, after her summer break after her sophomore year, she knew this was still what she wanted. A few short years later, she graduated from medical school and began her life as a doctor, with a focus on oncology!

Anna is now almost thirty-years-old and has a husband and two kids, a boy and a girl. She continues to work as a doctor, and she loves her job. Of course, she has learned how to make time for her family because being a doctor takes a lotof time and work. She has saved lives, lost patients, and experienced the emotions for each of these things. Cancer sucks, and she has to deal with it everyday through her career. A few years ago, her mom had a cancer scare, but they luckily caught it early, and got rid of it! However, Annalise lives in fear of getting a call or looking at the door of the oncology center and seeing any of her loved ones walking through the door. Thankfully, however, this has not happened quite yet, with the exception of her mother. She hopes someday, though, that through the help of science and her colleagues that they will reach a cure for cancer, or at least a better treatment that chemo or radiation. She has a great passion for life and her family, and never wants to lose either of these!


Let’s see where the End takes her!


I chose Annalise’s name by going to a random name generator website, and hitting the refresh button until I saw a name that I really liked, Annalise Huddleston! I don’t know if there are any Annalise Huddlestons out there, but if you are one of them and reading this, then welcome! I then decided I wanted to give a long backstory for her to make her seem more human rather than someone who is completely made up, which she is, in my mind. When we had to come up with a character for the Archetype assignment, I knew I wanted to come up with a character who would be a nurse or a doctor, who would be able to possibly prevent or help out with the version of the apocalypse in which the world ends through a plague or other kind of disease. Also, when I was writing this, I went to a random city generator, and picked Seattle! However, even though I did know I wanted Annalise to be some kind of doctor/nurse, I totally didn’t think about the fact that Grey’s Anatomy (one of my favorite shows) takes place in Seattle! I think it all works out pretty great, though! So just to clarify, I did not purposefully put Annalise in Seattle so that it could be my own spin-off version of Grey’s Anatomy. However, after realizing this fact, I wanted to make sure that Annalise is known to watch this famous TV show. I also made her birthday be on June 11th because this was my mom’s birthday. Also, it is fitting that Annalise was “born” on this day and is now an oncologist because my mom actually passed away from cervical cancer back in 2009. Perfect, right? An oncologist, who will hopefully find the cure to cancer, born on my mom’s birthday. (However, my mom was not born in 1988. She was born in the late 50s.)

I’m very excited to continue writing about Annalise Huddleston, and I hope you will join me on the journey too!