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Listen One, Listen All: We’re Going to be on the Air

Listen One, Listen All: We’re Going to be on the Air

My group and I met Wednesday night to record and edit our radio show, “Girls’ Guide to the Apocalypse,” which will be airing on DS106 Radio next week! Keep your ears open for it!

We met in the vocal booth in the HCC to record all of our segments, bumpers, and more! After overcoming a few issues with the microphone and computer not wanting to pair up and function properly, each one of us (Rachel, Taylor, Morgan, Emily, and I) recored our different segments of our radio show. I went first, and I have to admit, I felt kind of silly recording my voice and my segment. We all acted as our characters in our segments. Instead of Rachel, Taylor, Morgan, Emily, and Elizabeth, we were Offred, Felicity, Jennifer, Bobbi Jane, and Annalise.

One thing that worked so well was the fact that we all worked together, and before any of us did anything, we did our best to share our ideas and scripts with one another so no one went in completely blind as to what someone was going to be doing/saying. First, I recorded my segment where I shared some health advice on how to stay healthy and safe during the apocalypse due to the fact that my character is a doctor. Then, Taylor and Rachel recorded their segment as Felicity and Offred, our group’s midwives! Their segment followed the form of an advice column. I won’t give their secrets away, so you’ll just have to listen to our show to find out what they said! Last, but definitely not least, Morgan and Emily recorded their segment as Jennifer and Bobbi Jane. Their segment was all about the different beauty hacks you can use during the apocalypse. I’m also not going to reveal anything about their segment because I don’t want to spoil anything!

Source: Paul Bogart

After all of the segments had been recorded, Emily recorded our introduction to the overall radio show. Then, two “commercials”/bumpers were created by Taylor and me. Our next bumper will be a song to make our show sound more like a radio show rather than a podcast.

Once everything was recorded, Morgan and Rachel worked together to work on music and sound effects for our overall show. We’re so grateful for them! Then, Rachel took on the huge task of editing everything together! She has had the most experience with this sort of thing, and she didn’t mind doing it!

Our show is almost completely finished, edited, and ready to play on the DS106 Radio. I absolutely have loved working with the girls in my group. We work so well together. Everyone takes control of each situation, and we are able to get our work done. The first night we met, we had already come up with our topic, what we would be saying, the name of our radio, and more! After only the second meeting, our radio show is completely recorded and almost completely edited! Rachel let us know as of right now, our show is about 19 minutes!

Get ready to learn about some hacks and useful tips to use for the apocalypse. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Don’t forget to tell us what you think!

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Hello?… Anyone There?

Hello?… Anyone There?

This week, I got to experiment with a bunch of sounds and audio! I just finished up posting an audio clip of me to Frequency 2156. If you’ve never heard of this site, it’s a website which is almost its own radio show. When you first go to the page, you immediately see a map of the entire globe with little pins all over the place. When you click on one, you can hear another person’s message from the apocalypse. You can even see where they are located and when they posted their message. Why is it called Frequency 2156? Well, the creators are pretending to be from the year 2156! It’s a lot of fun to listen to different messages, especially messages from people on a completely different continent. I definitely recommend going over there and listening to a few messages, and eventually share your own! Below is a screenshot I took from the website so you can have an example of what I’m talking about!

Try to see if you can find mine! (Hint: It’s located somewhere close to Washington D.C. and I used my first name, Elizabeth, as my name in the message.) You can listen to my own message on Frequency 2156, if you’d like! Send me one back or do me a favor, and find me some help, please!

I definitely believe that Frequency 2156 is a story. The different messages from around the world create a story in itself! I think it’s even more impactful and real due to the fact that you are able to listen to peoples’ voices. You can hear the fear, exhaustion, and hopelessness in everyone’s voices. When we read a story on paper, we don’t know what the characters’ voices sound like. We can only imagine it for ourselves, and chances are that everyone imagines something different. This story comes to life! Some of the people on Frequency 2156 talk about the things they have seen, where they are hiding, what they have found, why they need help, and so much more. It is almost as if you are reading a post-apocalyptic novel, but it’s in the form of an audiobook! It also reminds me of when I was in grade school and we would do that activity where one person writes a sentence on a piece of paper and then that person passes it to the person next to them. Then after the next person writes, they fold down the piece of paper so that the third person can only see what the second person writes. Then comes the fun part. At the end, you have a story that either makes some sense or no sense at all. It’s kind of like Mad Libs. Everyone gets to add a message, but you don’t know what anyone is going to say!

However, one fault I find with this program is the fact that once the apocalypse comes, I don’t think we’ll have any access to audio-recorders or the Internet, which are both quite important for this. I could be wrong, but I don’t know how much of a solution this site will give us in the apocalypse. Also, this website is not very well-known, so survivors may not know to look there for any word from their loved ones.


For this assignment, I knew I had to record my voice, which I have said before that I don’t like doing. However, I’m slowly getting over this. I went to Audacity and recorded a message that I had written down prior to recording so that I could say everything I wanted to say. In case it’s difficult to understand me, below is my “script.”

Source: Giphy

“Hello? Hello? I don’t know if anyone can hear me but I have found shelter in an abandoned SUV. I’ve been here for a few days, and I have only seen about two or three other people walk by the car. We are all tired and hungry. We’re still survivors though! If you are listening, do me a favor, and send help. I don’ t know how much longer I can survive this. It’s cold and rainy, and it’s miserable. Please help.”

Once I recorded my message, I went back to freesound.org and found two sounds that I thought would perfectly act as ‘interference’ and background noise to my message so that it would sound slightly more realistic than the different sounds that are heard in my dorm room. The two sounds were howling wind and radio static.

Let me know what you all think!

“These Are A Few of My Favorite”… Sounds!

“These Are A Few of My Favorite”… Sounds!

For this assignment from the assignment bank, I was to create an audio recording of four or five of my favorite sounds. This really got me thinking because I’ve never really thought about what sounds I actually like. I know what sounds I don’t like because every time I hear them I want to either pull my hair out or scream. Some of these are: nails on a chalkboard, metal scraping against metal (or a fork scraping loudly across a plate), fire alarms, alarm clocks, and so many more! As you can tell, I’m kind of picky and a lot of sounds tend to set me off.

This assignment was fun because I could think about different things that I like to hear! You don’t really realize it but sounds are constantly being created. Right now, I’m listening to music in my headphones and I’m listening to my fingers tap on the keys of my keyboard as I type this post. I finally came up with some sounds that I think are nice or comforting to listen to. I was able to go to freesound.org and find each sound I included. At the end of the recording, I combined all five sounds together as an “experiment” to see what it would sound like. To be honest, I felt like a child mixing everything I could find into one container and then shaking it up! You can hear each sound clearly in my recording, but just in case it’s difficult to decipher what each sound is, I’ve listed them below!

1st sound: Thunderstorm

2nd sound: A summer night outside

3rd sound: A cat purring

4th sound: A car driving down the road

5th sound: Someone playing the piano

I don’t know if you agree with my choices of sounds, but let me know if you also like listening to some or all of these, too! Let me know what you think!!


For this assignment, I really had to think about what sounds I like to listen to. It was difficult because I realized that I don’t stop to think about sounds that I like, but I do love music.

I went to freesound.org  and found numerous sound effects or recordings that were free and available for me to use them in this project. Once I compiled some of my favorite sounds, I used Audacity to combine them all together into one recording. I tried to leave some of the recordings in their original full-length to give the full “effect.” However, one of them I had to trim down quite a bit because it was almost half-an-hour long. This was a lot of fun to do and I hope to get to do it again in the future!