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One of My Favorite People

One of My Favorite People

When I saw that there was a 3-star assignment in which I could highlight one of my favorite people in my life, I knew I wanted to do this assignment. It took me about 2.5 seconds to decide that I would make a video about my mom.

So… who doesn’t love their mom? I for one, do!

Unfortunately, in June of 2009, I lost my mom after her two-month battle with cancer. I could write a book on how much I hate cancer. However, for the first twelve amazing, fun, hilarious, and adventurous years of my life, I had my amazing, fun, hilarious, and adventurous mom to walk along beside me. She was my everything. She taught me everything I know, seriously. One morning, I woke up and I wanted scrambled eggs for breakfast. She told me that it was time for me to learn how to cook them (even though, guys, my mom made the best scrambled eggs). I got a piece of paper out and wrote down the “recipe” so that I could make my own eggs. I don’t have this anymore but it was something like “1. Crack eggs in bowl 2. Whisk eggs 3. Pour milk in the eggs   4. Put butter in a pan and turn on medium heat 5. Pour eggs into pan 6. Stir the eggs around the pan until cooked.” As an only child, my mom babied me, and I loved it! She loved to pick out my outfits for the day until I was in second or third grade. She was always at every school play, festival, etc. Not only was she a fun person, she was protective, spiritual, and brave. She could do everything and anything she put her mind to. For one thing, she had me completely naturally. No epidural, no nothing. One thing that she always tried to get me to do was sports. I hate sports. She was the most athletic woman I knew. She signed me up for tennis, basketball, soccer, dance, gymnastics, field hockey, volleyball, golf, and horseback riding. As she may have expected (I don’t know, though), none of them stuck. I don’t even like going to the gym to run on an elliptical all that much to be honest. However, she always did things with my best interest in mind. She took care of everyone else first, before taking care of herself. She had to deal with me as a little girl who was a picky eater, stubborn, and the list goes on, she had to deal with our dog, Molly, who liked to eat everything in her path, and more! My dad was there to help too, however, my mom was who I spent most of my time with due to my dad’s work schedule!

Her contagious laugh and the love that she gave to everyone and everything, including her garden,  are just two of the hundreds of traits that she had. Nothing can ever come close to the bond I had and continue to have with mom, even though she isn’t physically here with me. I do now have a stepmother, whom I love very, very much. I feel as though my mom pulled some strings up in heaven to send her to my dad and me. She shares many similarities with my mom.

Lastly, anytime you hear the song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” my mom is the first person I think about. I can tell you more about that later! 😉