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Putting the “Fan” in Fan Fiction

Putting the “Fan” in Fan Fiction

T-minus 3 weeks until the END of the semester! I’m losing my mind. Don’t know if that’s because of the apocalypse or if it’s my work load.

Fan Fiction. We’ve all read it. Some of us have created it. Don’t lie to yourself. 😉

This week was filled with it! (Kind of)

I was to complete 12 stars of assignments for this week after choosing from a long list of possibilities. It was a lot of fun to have all of this free reign! There was one catch, though! Each assignment had to be based on the novel I read for this class which was California by Edan Lepucki! I really enjoyed this book! For these assignments, I took twists and turns in some of my creations! You can see below what I did!

  1. “Focus on the Background” – 3 STARS

    (To read the full story, please click on the image above)
  2. “That Bucket List Though” – 2 STARS 
  3. “Let’s See Some ID” – 3 STARS 

4. “Imaginary Places” – 3 STARS  

5. “Animated GIF Alternative Cover” – 5 STARS 

(Hint Hint: If you click the images/media below each title, it will take you to the more in-depth blog post about the creative processes behind each one of these projects!)

Next! I found a new piece of evidence! I walked outside yesterday and saw a long trail of random keys everywhere on campus! I don’t know what it means, what they go to, or anything like that! It’s scary! Here’s a picture! Watch out, guys!

And that’s all for Week 12, friends!


Look to your right. The thing you see is the only weapon you’ll have during the End. How will you use it to survive?

To my right, I have a stapler. This will definitely come in handy! Has anyone ever accidentally stapled themselves? I have. When I was four or five, I was playing with this tiny stapler, and a staple shot out and cut into my thumb. Ouch. I will now use this stapler, not on myself, but as another weapon. I will get it to shoot staples at the enemies. It may not kill them, but it will take them down for sure. There is no pain quite like having a staple in your skin. Plus, there are a lot of staples in my stapler! Watch out, zombies!

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A Book Cover Like You’ve Never Seen

A Book Cover Like You’ve Never Seen

Have you ever walked through the bookstore and seen a book with a GIF playing on the cover? I bet not! If you have, please tell me what book! We’ve all seen the books that if you tilt them back and forth the image changes, but it’s not a GIF!

A few weeks ago, I created a book cover for California by Edan Lepucki. However, it was not a GIF! Here’s the original!

Now, I have created a new cover in GIF form as part of a 5-star assignment! I tried to stick with the same theme of having husband-and-wife duo, Frida and Cal, on the front cover, but also added a twist at the end! Enjoy!

In order to create this GIF, I downloaded and compiled two videos from YouTube.

  1. “Sunset – A Short Film From Joshua Gow” 
  2. “VHS Static Noise”

To finish it off, I added the “Sci-Fi” filter over the first video! If you’ve read California, let me know what you think! Even if you haven’t read it, let me know what you think!

The Land of the… Survivors?

The Land of the… Survivors?

I created an accurate as fictionally possible depiction of “The Land” in California by Edan Lepucki. Of course, as the title explains, these characters are in California, however, they travel to a community/part of land that is called “The Land.” When you think of the word landone may think about a plot of land where you can build a house, a large open field with nothing else around it, or something completely different! Let your imagination run wild! I sure did in order to complete this assignment!

I give you… The Land by Elizabeth Finto!

So it maybe looks a little chaotic, but isn’t that how the apocalypse is? Chaotic? Just a bit. Much like this semester…

How did I create this image? Well, I’ll tell you!

I went to unsplash.com and typed in the word “landscape.” I was given hundreds of different landscape images. Out of the hundreds of pictures, I chose four specific pictures that I think would work well together while also illustrating The Land as I pictured it in my mind.

The four images I used above:

After downloading each stock image, I used Canva to merge all of the photos together. I placed the very bottom image as the base, and then added the next three on top of it while adjusting the transparency of each photo until I got a result that I liked and felt was the most realistic! There is a stream, mountains, flowers, and greenery for miles. I had a lot fun with this! What do you think? Let me know!

Let’s See Some ID

Let’s See Some ID

Frida Ellis’s medical ID can be found above. If anyone sees her, please call: (804)-555-8156

Frida is pregnant and needs medical attention. Thank you.


I knew I wanted to create an ID card for Frida, from the novel California by Edan Lepucki. I also wanted to find a picture that would best illustrate her and who I pictured while reading the book. I was originally going to create a fake California driver’s license for Frida, but I could not figure out how to do so safely and for free! Finally I found a program in which I could create an ID card for numerous things. This “Medical Information” ID card fit perfectly due to the fact that health is a key aspect of surviving the apocalypse.

Frida’s Apocalypse Bucket List

Frida’s Apocalypse Bucket List

  1. Figure every last thing out about Micah and the Group
  2. Figure out why the Millers committed suicide
  3. Live long enough to watch baby grow up
  4. Find our old house/neighborhood after this is over
  5. Eat pizza at least one more time

Frida’s bucket list was found today inside her journal, and I felt like the bucket list was very important to share. She and Micah, as a brother and sister duo have many secrets between the two of them. Yes, Micah is dead, but is he really? Frida wants to know everything about him and the Group before it’s too late. Sandy and Frida were friends, and she nor Cal can understand why they committed suicide. Yes, it is the apocalypse, but they were still a family and were doing pretty okay at surviving! Next, what mother doesn’t want to watch their baby grow up. She must live long enough in order to do so. After the apocalypse, she wants to find their old house, or at least the remnants of it. Maybe some things will still be there? Probably not. Lastly, pizza is delicious, and everyone deserves to have it at least one more time in their lifetime.

The Backstory on August

The Backstory on August

August, A.K.A. Frida and Cal’s ‘trading partner,’ has even more to his story than we could have ever imagined. He has always been someone who listens to other peoples’ problems before he explains his own story.

August grew up in a family in which everyone did everything for themselves. He basically taught himself everything he knows. His father and grandfather were always away working while his mother was busy taking care of his other siblings. He was the quiet kid in school who people picked on because he was “too smart for his own good” and he would spend time alone outside during recess at school trying to figure out different math equations and other algorithms.

As he grew up, he continued to teach himself basic skills such as how to start a fire, how to cook, how to have manners, and how to protect himself.

When the apocalypse began, a large military truck came rumbling down his street in which as many people that could fit were riding along trying to escape this monster. His parents, siblings, grandparents, and he all boarded this truck, which was more like a ship on wheels. He was separated from his family on that day. He realized that he needed to put all his survival skills to good use. He was going to get through this and he would see his family again at some point.

Everyone was crammed in the truck for hours. Finally, after about four hours, the truck came to a hard stop. August looked out, and they were in the middle of nowhere. There were no houses, buildings, cars, restaurants, etc. around. Did he die and go to heaven and this is what it looked like? Nope. Many people piled out of the truck and were told to get as far away as they could. However, as the doors of the truck closed, August realized his family were still in the truck. They would be taken to another location in which they would have to survive. August tried to see as far as he could as to see what direction the truck was driving so that he could possibly be reunited in the future.

August travelled into the dense forest while trying to find supplies around him in order to build a fort and fire for the night. Before night hit, he had built a lean-to type of hut to keep him safe for the night. He opened up his backpack in which he had a few blankets, food, water, changes of clothes, and soap. He pulled a blanket out and settled down by the fire, and just stared ahead.

As time went on, August figured that his family must’ve died because he hadn’t seen anyone in quite a long time. However, he had built a wagon/cart thing from abandoned car parts and wood from trees in which he carried different items such as soap, food, etc. that he could trade to other survivors for other valuable items.

After figuring out that he had created a very profitable “business,” he met two people who really stood out to him. Their names were Cal and Frida.


As my apocalyptic novel, I read the book California by Edan Lepucki. One of the “background” (but also important) characters in the novel is August. He becomes ‘friends’ with Frida as he also helps them out by providing them with different items such as food, clothing, soap, etc.

I was intrigued by this character, and I knew I wanted to write a backstory for him for this assignment. Even the information that we were given about him, I just erased it from my memory and started over completely.

Exploring Apocalyptic Fiction

Exploring Apocalyptic Fiction

This past week, I have explored apocalyptic fiction in several different mediums.

I watched an episode of a BBC Docuseries called Horizon which came out in 2004. The episode I watched showed five different possibilities of how to world, as we know it, could end. The first scenario was a massive tsunami. The second was a killer meteorite. The third was a global pandemic/disease. The fourth was a volcanic eruption. The last included strange matter, such as a black hole. There was one main character, Dr. Howell, who was planning on conducting an experiment in all five scenarios. However, in the first four scenarios, he is unable to get to the lab due to the dangers proposed by the first scenarios. After each world-ending scenario occurs, the world starts over completely. Each scenario ‘segment’ begins with Dr. Howell laying in bed as his television playing the credits from a program he was watching. The last part of the credits we see shows the words “The End” as to refer to the “end” of the world. Each day starts over with Dr. Howell, but different characters begin to appear each day. At the end of the docuseries’s episode, Dr. Howell finally manages to turn the key that ‘launches’ the black hole that begins to swallow everything in its vicinity.

While watching this episode, I realized how happy I was that none of these epidemics were, hopefully, not going to be arriving any time soon. I realized that I would definitely be one of the first to die in each situation. I cannot run fast, and I don’t go outside everyday in bubble wrap to protect myself from volcanic eruptions or other flying shrapnel from a meteorite. I would try to fight as long as I could, but if I was to come face-to-face to one of these scenarios, I would not last very long at all. However, if I was able to prepare, and get to the highest point of my building or stay inside with everything I need, I can see myself staying safe. One of my biggest fears in life is getting sick. I do everything I can to stay healthy. Maybe I could survive that scenario, but if I have to combat zombies, I can’t make any promises. However, I can’t say I black hole opening up in the world any time soon. I found this scenario to be the most fictional out of the other four. This episode definitely portrayed what the apocalypse may look like. None of us might receive any warnings until it’s too late. It may come as something inevitable and something none of us can avoid or fight against.

Also this week, I read the entry called Apocalyptic SF from The Routledge Companion to Science Fiction. Something I never knew before reading this article is the fact that apocalyptic sci-fi and science fiction in the first place really began in the late eighteenth century. I definitely thought that sci-fi got it’s beginning in the 20th century. I also never knew that sci-fi really became a popular genre because of the way it portrays “sadistic fascination with representing massive destruction in minute detail” (Routledge). I agree with this statement because in many apocalyptic fiction works, no one is running around screaming, but everyone acts as though it is a normal part of life. It is almost as if people just expect that the apocalypse will come, without a doubt, like the concept of death. We all know we will all die at some point.

The last piece of apocalyptic fiction I delved into was reading a few excerpts from Edan Lepucki’s novel, California (2014). It really drew me in because it explains a post-apocalyptic world in which the two main characters Frida and Cal learn to live in the wilderness after the world that they’ve known has been completely destroyed. I am looking forward to reading this novel in full very soon. So far, I know that Frida and Cal are living in the wilderness, and Frida is also pregnant. I’m very excited to see where this story goes!