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A Word Cloud!

A Word Cloud!

Word Clouds are always fun! I remember as a kid, we would have this day in school where it was just a day for writing. The whole day was devoted to going around to different groups and “seminars” where they would show us a fun new way to write a poem, short story, word clouds, and more. One of my favorite things was when we would write poems or stories by writing them in a pattern of an object. For example:

Source: Technology Rocks Seriously

Mine never turned out to be in the shape I wanted because I could never keep in the right pattern. I would be so mad because then it just looked like a huge blob.

So, when it came time to work on this assignment, I was worried I would get the same results. However, luckily, a computer is much better at this than I am. So, I chose to write a list of words that I felt described my character, Annalise Huddleston, as well as words that describe a doctor’s profession on wordclouds.com Then, with a click of a button, the words were transformed into the symbol for a woman, like you see on the door of the women’s restroom. (I had chosen this layout beforehand.) The first time I clicked “Apply” as to get my result, I realized I didn’t have enough words to fill up the entire symbol/pattern so I needed to come up with more words! It was almost like playing Mad Libs. Then, after finally having enough words, I realized I wanted my character’s first name to be the most prominent and outstanding word in the word cloud, so I then had to figure out how to rank each word, so that the rank would correspond to how large each word would be! Finally, after fixing all of the little loose ends, I had my final product. I decided to change the colors and fonts I was originally given in the beginning. I really love our school colors and love the contrast between the navy blue and white/gray, so I decided to implement these colors in my word cloud!

Am I forgetting any words? Let me know!