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A Book Cover Like You’ve Never Seen

A Book Cover Like You’ve Never Seen

Have you ever walked through the bookstore and seen a book with a GIF playing on the cover? I bet not! If you have, please tell me what book! We’ve all seen the books that if you tilt them back and forth the image changes, but it’s not a GIF!

A few weeks ago, I created a book cover for California by Edan Lepucki. However, it was not a GIF! Here’s the original!

Now, I have created a new cover in GIF form as part of a 5-star assignment! I tried to stick with the same theme of having husband-and-wife duo, Frida and Cal, on the front cover, but also added a twist at the end! Enjoy!

In order to create this GIF, I downloaded and compiled two videos from YouTube.

  1. “Sunset – A Short Film From Joshua Gow” 
  2. “VHS Static Noise”

To finish it off, I added the “Sci-Fi” filter over the first video! If you’ve read California, let me know what you think! Even if you haven’t read it, let me know what you think!

Let’s See Some ID

Let’s See Some ID

Frida Ellis’s medical ID can be found above. If anyone sees her, please call: (804)-555-8156

Frida is pregnant and needs medical attention. Thank you.


I knew I wanted to create an ID card for Frida, from the novel California by Edan Lepucki. I also wanted to find a picture that would best illustrate her and who I pictured while reading the book. I was originally going to create a fake California driver’s license for Frida, but I could not figure out how to do so safely and for free! Finally I found a program in which I could create an ID card for numerous things. This “Medical Information” ID card fit perfectly due to the fact that health is a key aspect of surviving the apocalypse.

A Word Cloud!

A Word Cloud!

Word Clouds are always fun! I remember as a kid, we would have this day in school where it was just a day for writing. The whole day was devoted to going around to different groups and “seminars” where they would show us a fun new way to write a poem, short story, word clouds, and more. One of my favorite things was when we would write poems or stories by writing them in a pattern of an object. For example:

Source: Technology Rocks Seriously

Mine never turned out to be in the shape I wanted because I could never keep in the right pattern. I would be so mad because then it just looked like a huge blob.

So, when it came time to work on this assignment, I was worried I would get the same results. However, luckily, a computer is much better at this than I am. So, I chose to write a list of words that I felt described my character, Annalise Huddleston, as well as words that describe a doctor’s profession on wordclouds.com Then, with a click of a button, the words were transformed into the symbol for a woman, like you see on the door of the women’s restroom. (I had chosen this layout beforehand.) The first time I clicked “Apply” as to get my result, I realized I didn’t have enough words to fill up the entire symbol/pattern so I needed to come up with more words! It was almost like playing Mad Libs. Then, after finally having enough words, I realized I wanted my character’s first name to be the most prominent and outstanding word in the word cloud, so I then had to figure out how to rank each word, so that the rank would correspond to how large each word would be! Finally, after fixing all of the little loose ends, I had my final product. I decided to change the colors and fonts I was originally given in the beginning. I really love our school colors and love the contrast between the navy blue and white/gray, so I decided to implement these colors in my word cloud!

Am I forgetting any words? Let me know!


Dr. Annalise Huddleston in Her Natural Environment

Dr. Annalise Huddleston in Her Natural Environment

Annalise Huddleston returns! I’m really loving my character, I must say! It’s so much fun getting to design, write about, and just overall create someone totally fictional! She feels real, to me, in some ways already!

This week, I was able to use Hero Machine to create an animated depiction of what Annalise looks like, in my imagination! You all might imagine someone else completely different! Should I add anything to her? Should I get rid of anything? Let me know!

Annalise is in the hospital corridor! She comes here when she wants some peace and quiet. Typically, the patients don’t know exactly who she is, so she doesn’t have to make any kind of small talk or take care of anyone in this specific ward. In this specific image of Annalise, she is dressed up and ready to fight the disease(s) of the apocalypse.


When creating Annalise, I knew I wanted her to look kind, but also ready for anything. I think this depiction of her definitely shows she’s ready for anything, but also that she’s easy to talk to, and she wants to care for others. I didn’t want to make her look like some kind of monster, and I also didn’t want to make her look like she is some superhero. I wanted her to look as normal as I could. I definitely think her look is going to change quite a bit as the apocalypse continues!

“California” Alternate Book Cover

“California” Alternate Book Cover

One of my design assignments from this week was to create an alternate book cover for the post-apocalyptic novel I am reading this semester! The book I chose to read was California by Edan Lepucki.

Source: Amazon.com

I have just barely started this novel, but thanks to the upcoming spring break, I will have plenty of time to read it!

This is my own cover for California:

So why did I choose to create this the way I did?

Well, I really like the original cover filled with trees, which by the way are turned 90°. Since I have only just started reading, I basically know that the husband and wife duo, Cal and Frida, must survive in the wilderness after the apocalypse has destroyed the world they once knew. Frida is also pregnant! When I created my own cover, I decided I still wanted to include the forest theme, due to the fact that that is where Cal and Frida are now residing, and I also wanted to incorporate a silhouette of a couple consoling each other. I really like, when I’m reading a book, when the author illustrates one or more of the characters portrayed in the book so that I can start off the book with a good visualization of who I am reading all about. This silhouette in my version of the cover does not allow anyone to know what the two people look like. I decided this because I want to keep the mystery sealed for the reader!

Let me know what you guys think! Would you publish this cover?