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Week 6: A Recap

Week 6: A Recap

We’ve made it through Week 6! I didn’t know if I’d make it! This week has had its absolute ups and its awful downs. For one thing, I had to say goodbye to my sweet yellow lab, Molly, on Thursday after 14 years together! I hate it, but I’m getting through it!

Besides everything that’s been going on in my personal life, it was DESIGN week! I definitely think this week was definitely one of my absolute favorites. I got to discover a creative side of myself that I didn’t ever really know I had!

First, I completed three Daily Creates (Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday) :

(Not quite sure why my picture isn’t coming up for that last Daily Create, so here it is: )


Next, I watched two TED talks! The first was given by Paula Scher, and the other was given by David Carson. Both were very interesting! Paula Scher is most well-known for the creation of the Citi Bank logo! She also has taken different things, such as the US map, and turned them into her own art by recreating the map only using the names of cities, countries, states, etc. Pretty cool, right? She also has included humor in her designs. For example, one sign that she created was a bathroom sign that just said “Go to the bathroom” with an arrow in the direction of the restrooms. She takes ordinary things that we see everyday and turns them into something more noticeable and exciting! David Carson is also a very humorous designer. He originally started out as a sociologist! His designs are more minimalist, but are still quite interesting! They can be interpreted in numerous different ways! I’d love to see more of both Scher and Carson’s works! If you’d like to read more about how I felt about both of these individual designers, I wrote a recent blog post about it! Check it out!

I also got to work through a few tutorials on Canva.com! I have a new-found love for Canva! It’s so much fun and there are so many possibilities of what and how you can create!

The next project I worked on was my DesignBlitz! For this assignment, I had to illustrate five elements of design with images that I took! The elements I chose to depict were hierarchy, proximity, color, alignment, and space! Here’s the end product:

My favorite assignment from this week is next! It was to create an alternate book cover of the novel I am reading for this class for the semester, California by Edan Lepucki. I’ve barely started it, but it is a post-apocalyptic novel about a husband and wife who are learning how to survive in the wilderness after their world is stripped from them. I really liked the original cover, and wanted to continue the theme of the original to my new updated version. Check it out:

My second-favorite assignment from this week was getting to bring my apocalyptic character to life! I’m so excited to continue Annalise Huddleston’s story! Please join along in the journey! As I stated last week, Annalise is a doctor who specializes in cancer research and care. When I created her on Hero Machine, I decided I wanted to go ahead and dress her in appropriate clothes for the apocalypse, but put her in her own “natural” environment, the hospital.

Another favorite assignment from this week was getting to play with writing out Annalise’s name as a personal “logo,” if you will! Here’s the result:

The next assignment was creating a word cloud to describe and depict Annalise! I included words to describe her, as herself, and also words that describe doctors and their profession! I also really love the contrasts of all of the colors!

One last assignment I did was try to help Martha find her apocalypse hat!! She’s lost it and we NEED to find it! It’s urgent! If you know anything, please let me know!

One of the last things I did this week was become a part of a survivalist group! I’m so excited to work with my teammates! They all seem very nice and open! I can’t wait to be able to work our different characters into a story together! We need to make a survivalist group name! I’ll make sure to talk to them about that this week! I’m working with Taylor, Rachel, Morgan, and Emily! I am looking forward to getting everyone and fighting the apocalypse with each other!


Group dynamics can be tricky.
What’s been the most successful group you’ve been a part of and what made it work?

I have definitely worked in groups that just haven’t worked at all! High school was the trickiest.

However, the most successful group I’ve ever been a part of would have to be the group I was in for a presentation we had to do in my Intro to Cinema Studies class. We were assigned a passage in the book, The Beguiled, and we had to adapt the passage in the book to a “storyboard” that we would use to turn the passage into a part of a film. We worked very well together, and I’d definitely work with each person again! One thing that worked so well was the way in which we communicated all the time. We kept each other in the loop. We’d send each other messages like “I’m working on this scene” or “I just finished this.” We also laid out an outline that we all agreed upon. Then, we divided the scenes/shots up amongst all of us evenly, and everyone was allowed to have a say of what parts they wanted to do/work on. We compiled everything into a Google Presentation, and ended up getting one of the highest grades in the class!! I was thrilled! We all were! It was definitely so great! Communication was key, as well as the fact that we each made time to all get together and work on the project as a group instead of only communicating through texting and Facebook Messenger.

Week 5: We Did It Guys

Week 5: We Did It Guys

Once again, we have reached the end of another week surviving The End.

This week, the focus was on learning all about audio! I’ll say this. I’ve become much more comfortable with using different audio platforms such as SoundCloud and Audacity. I used to hate recording my voice and then having to listen to my own voice. I’ve slowly overcome this fear/hatred.

In the past, as I wrote in a post earlier this week, I have worked with audio for past assignments. Last semester in my digital studies class, I had to record my own podcast. In that podcast, I talked about my dad, who grew up in the late 50s and 60s, and his childhood in which he didn’t have nearly as much technology as we do now. Also, back when I was in high school in my Spanish class, we had to record ourselves saying vocabulary words or phrases as numerous homework assignments. I dreaded those assignments. I was so embarrassed by how I sounded, especially since I had to speak another language.

One assignment I did this week was compiling one recording that includes some of my favorite sounds! I’ve never really thought about what sounds I like, but I know what sounds I do not like. Nails on a chalkboard, metal scratching metal, alarm clock, etc. In my recording, I not only thought of my own favorite sounds, but I also thought about sounds that many people enjoy. The sounds I included were a thunderstorm, a cat purring, a summer night, a car driving down the road, and someone playing the piano. If you’d like to listen, you can listen below! Let me know if you like any of these sounds, and also the sounds that you like but I didn’t include!

Sounds are constantly being created and heard, whether you realize them or not. There is that famous question, “If a tree falls in the woods, but no one is there, does it make a sound?” The answer is yes (at least in my opinion).

Sound and audio also can help tell stories! I listened to the DS 106 radio show on Wednesday night. On the show, there was a “fake” news broadcast in which a deadly disease and an alien invasion take place. Slowly, you hear everyone begin to be affected by this. One of the reporters tries to explain what is going on, but tragedy begins to occur. While listening to this, I “live-Tweeted” while using specific hashtags so I could join the conversation with my peers! Below are some examples of what I was saying!

Another assignment from this week was leaving a message on the website Frequency 2156. If you’ve never heard of this site, it’s a website in which anyone anywhere in the world is able to record and publish an audio message for everyone and anyone to listen to. People on a completely different continent are able to leave a message that I or anyone else can listen to. Another very important aspect of this website is the fact that everyone leaving messages are survivors of the apocalypse that hits in the year 2156. Who knows if we’ll have access to this website during the apocalypse, but we can only hope! In my message, I asked for help, while also adding background noise to make it sound like static and interference! I encourage you to leave your own message! Here’s my message!

The last audio assignment I completed this week was one where I mixed Disney with the apocalypse. Yes. You read that correctly. I searched “disney villain songs” on YouTube and I got quite a lot of results. I downloaded the audio from the videos I liked and was able to cut certain parts all together to make a story about the apocalypse. I tried my best to make it somewhat relate to the movie I watched last week, The Road. Listen below! Who doesn’t love Disney?

Finally, the last assignment I did this week was create my own character for my class’s apocalypse! I came up with a character whose name is Annalise Huddleston and she’s a doctor. I’m so excited to see where I take this character through the rest of the semester and through a story! If you’d like to get to know my character more, then you can find out more about her in this post!

That’s all for this week! See you guys on the other side of next week!


How are you feeling? Be specific. 

I’m good! I have gotten all of my assignments for this week, which is always a relief! I had a lot of fun exploring with audio! This past week has been quite overwhelming. Reading after reading. Paper after paper. Assignment after assignment. This class is enjoyable and I love it. I’ve also been trying my absolute hardest to avoid the flu that seems to be spreading around like wildfire. I don’t have the time to be sick! I’m also very ready for spring break! Two weeks to go!


Living Life Through A Lens

Living Life Through A Lens

Pictures. We take them almost everyday.

This week I was tasked on completing and reading some research and information related to photography, and how to get that “picture” perfect photo. I personally have the shakiest hands ever, and when I try to take a picture I have to use both hands because if I don’t, I get a picture that is unbelievably blurry and out of focus.

While reading through the “Tips” page on my class’s website, I learned quite a lot. One thing I learned was how to create depth, and how to do that trick where you can make something small look big and make something big look small. Have you ever seen that video or GIF of that Range Rover in grass, and it looks like a regular car, and then a person grabs it with their hand to reveal it’s just a toy?

I’ve always wanted to figure out how to do this. I have not quite succeeded, but am going to keep trying!

I also learned to wait for the perfect moment to take the photo. Sometimes I am so excited to see something or someone that I whip my camera out right away and take a picture or video, and miss what happened all together because I was too focused on pulling my phone out to take a picture. I want to be able to know how to anticipate when something is going to happen so I can be ready, but also so I can enjoy it in the moment. If I’m at a concert, I might have my phone out and ready to record a video, but I miss actually seeing them, without the camera, come out on stage because I’m looking through the screen of my phone. I’d also love to be able to capture photos as they happen! Such as the example on the “Tips” page that explains being able to take a picture of a baby when they spill the glass of milk! That would be both so fun and funny!


Also this week, I got to take a look at an online photo gallery of images of abandoned places in America. I was able to find it on a website called Abandoned America. I chose to specifically look at the gallery of images of abandoned buildings such as hospitals, institutions, schools, and prisons. I have always been intrigued by videos and pictures of abandoned places such as prisons, hospitals, homes, and office buildings. There is something so interesting about them! Sometimes, it looks as though the people just got up and left over night and left everything behind. These cases always give me an uneasy feeling. There were numerous photos of abandoned prisons and hospitals. The windows were broken. The paint or wallpaper was falling and cracking off of the walls. The floors were covered in trash, dust, and dirt. In the prisons, almost all of the prison cell doors were covered in rust. However, there were some pictures of schools and other buildings that still were in good condition! In one school, Good Samaritan Catholic School, the desks and chairs were all organized in the classroom. The blackboard looked like it had recently been erased. Everything was still in its place. However, the word that stuck out most in my mind as I saw each photo of all of the buildings was “ghost-town.”

Here are some of the photos from Abandoned America, itself.

Source: Abandoned America
Source: Abandoned America










* I don’t own either of these photos. All rights to the owner.

All of these pictures make me want to know exactly what happened that led to each of these places. Were they condemned? Were they bankrupt? Were they evicted? What happened? They definitely give me an post-apocalyptic feeling.


The third photography-related assignment I completed this week was Photoblitz. To give you an idea of what this is, you go to a site and it gives you seven prompts of pictures you need to take or try to take in a time limit of twenty minutes. Each list is different. Here is what mine looked like!

I was able to complete all seven in the twenty-minute time limit! I had quite a lot of fun with it. I don’t know if mine are the most artsy examples, but I still had fun! I’d love to do another one of these in the future!

I began this twenty-minute challenge at 1:15 and finished it at 1:35. The first image is a smiley face made out of food. To be totally honest, I did not have a whole bunch of food at my disposal, so I used two clementines, a cracker, and some Cheez-Its! Very simple! But still a face! The second picture was a picture I took of my shadow on the grass. The third photo is of my feet in my slippers today due to the dreary, rainy weather we had here today. The fourth photo is of the fire alarm in my building to represent something loud. There is nothing louder than a fire alarm, especially at 1:00 AM. The fifth photo is of two things that don’t go together; oil and water. The sixth photo is of the mirror on the back of my door. It feels like it creates an inception! The seventh photo is a picture dominated by my favorite color, pink. My pink computer case, pens and highlighters, hair brush, lotion, and deodorant.

After completing this assignment, I kind of felt like this was a fun party game! I can see doing this at a party where your friends have to draw an assignment out of a hat, and then take a picture representing the prompt! This may seem like a lame party game to some, but to me it sounds awesome! I definitely plan to do this assignment again for fun in the future! I’ll make sure to share it here with you all, too!


Surviving the Second Week of The End

Surviving the Second Week of The End

This week, I started out by completing two Daily Create’s! For the first Daily Create, which I completed on Tuesday, we were to write a fictional story in 240 characters or less, due to the fact that 240 characters is all you can use in one Tweet. For the second Daily Create on Thursday, we were to create some kind of “gateway” to another dimension. I found a free stock image online that really intrigued me. I felt as though it created some kind of mystery as to what is at the bottom of the stairs. When I was a child, we had a basement in our house, and I refused to go down the stairs by myself because it was so dark. This picture reminded me of this. You can see my two entries below:

Also this week, I watched a video of the late famous author, Kurt Vonnegut, explaining how stories are told and written, while using humor, and causing me to laugh out loud. As part of the assignment for this piece, we were to write a blog post telling a story that could be factual or fictional. I chose to write about my experience from last spring break when my two best friends took me to a Panic! at the Disco concert! That post is two posts below this one, so go check it out! After writing the full story, we were to recreate it as well as we could into 240 characters, again on Twitter. Here’s what I came up with:

Another assignment we had this week was coming up with our own character “archetype” for the apocalypse. I’ve read through many of my classmates’ entries, but I decided to create a character for the apocalypse who would be the “Disease Hunter/Healer” and this person “goes out to try and find a certain disease or outbreak of something before it becomes too powerful and before it spreads to the rest of the world. They are always trying to find the cure for numerous diseases. One of them being cancer.” I hope and pray that it does not take time up until apocalypse for us to find a cure for cancer.

As explained in my reflection of apocalyptic fiction/science fiction, I read an entry in The Routledge Companion to Science Fiction. It was quite interesting because I have never taken the time to learn where science fiction came from, due to the fact that it is not my absolute favorite genre. I also watched the BBC episode End Day in which the world ends in five different ways. I found that quite interesting because I had never really thought about it or thought about what it might really look like! I also read a few excerpts from the post-apocalyptic novel California by Edan Lepucki. I will be reading this novel over the course of the next few weeks, and am looking forward to where the story takes me!

Also this week, I tried to fix up this blog in order to make it feel more inviting and exciting! I have tried to stick with an apocalyptic feeling while also trying to portray my personality. I still have a few more touches I’d like to add, and it is a continuing work in progress! I look forward to telling more stories and sharing more of my creativity!

Weekly Question: 

In the event of a zombie apocalypse, would you rather be turned into a zombie or have everyone you love turned into a zombie? Why? (Please feel free to also answer this question in the comments below!)

If a zombie apocalypse occurred, I would want to be turned into a zombie. I would prefer that because there aren’t stapled down standards and traits of what a zombie must look like or how they have to behave. As I have said in a past post, if I had to be a zombie, I would want to be a zombie like Liv from iZombie. She looks and behaves (mostly) normal. She eats burgers made out of brains, but other than that, she is not a terrifying, growling, moaning zombie like the zombies are in the show The Walking Dead. I would rather become a zombie as soon as possible so that I wouldn’t be as much of a target anymore, due to the fact that we know once zombies arrive, they take over. Also, it is much more difficult to destroy and “kill” a zombie than it is to kill a human. Soon enough, my family and friends would become zombies too, and we would be able to survive together as a ‘unit.’ Who knows if we’d know each other, but I can only hope!